Gay moments in Disney and Pixar films

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Mar 15, 2007
Is it me, my friends, but I find what the media announces are all hype. Most of the movie rumors are just hype. In the Beauty and Beast live- action movie, LeFou's gay moment is no more gay like the animated one. It is hero worshipping of his hero. Nothing gay in that in my opinion. Gaston is a war hero, why wouldn't a villagers like him or men or boys or women or girls? It is like admiring sport heroes or actors or musicians or political figures or authoritiy figures?
In Finding Dory's lesbian moment was more anti- lesbian in my opinion since Hank did freak out lesbian couple when he grabbed a baby bottle in the baby stroller trying to pretend to be their baby or someone else's baby. What other gay moments you thought were only hype or were hidden or blew over most audiences?


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Oct 25, 2015
I agree with you about Beauty and the Beast. I saw it with a group of friends, none of us are gay. I told them about the controversy about the movie ahead of time. We all anxiously awaited the gay character. Well, that was a big let down. He was no different from the cartoon character. After the movie my friends said something about the guy who liked being dressed up as a woman - saying he was gay, too. I said most gay men don't dress up like women and I couldn't tell if the guy was guy, transgender or a transvestite. They all know I have a transgender daughter so they said they never thought about stuff like that and that I am educating them about all the possibilities. I guess watching a man dress up like a woman never makes me think he is gay. I know it is very possible, but I don't think it is anymore possible than any other man who doesn't dress up like a woman. Long story short, if there was no controversy before the movie came out, none of us would have ever thought it was an issue or supposed to be the first gay character.

I haven't seen the Dory movie. I can't even think of any other gay moments in other films. However, I probably wouldn't even notice or think anything about it. I know they have had some lesbian characters in the TV show, Once Upon a Time. I've never heard any controversy about that, though.


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Jul 28, 2017
I think the Beauty and the Beast example was really egregious since Howard Ashman was a gay man who died of AIDS before BatB was released. His lyrics for the original film were definitely allegorical IMO, especially The Mob Song ("We don't like what we don't understand, in fact it scares us..."). If you put that song in the context of the AIDS epidemic (Beauty came out in '91), it takes on a very different meaning...especially when you consider that it was Ashman who shifted the focus onto the Beast (rather than Belle) and how the townspeople ostracized him because he was different from them. To me, the original BatB did more for LGBT people than this live-action movie ever did...IIRC, even Luke Evans (who played Gaston) said he wasn't too fond of the Gaston/LeFou hints, and he's a gay man.

As for the man wearing a dress, I don't think that did much for anyone either. It seemed more like it was meant to be a joke moment–it would have been a different situation completely if they showed a man trying on a dress for the first time and friends or family reassured him that it was okay to wear if he liked it. But like you said, that would've been more about his gender than his sexuality.

And I watched Once Upon a Time, and that was a mess TBH. A lot of people thought the two main women (the protagonist Emma, and Regina who was based on The Evil Queen from Snow White) had chemistry, but the writers repeatedly dismissed what fans were saying to the point that it became really exhausting to keep up with the show...The writers threw in hints that Mulan had feelings for Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) in the second season, but then had Aurora reject Mulan, marry her prince and have a baby with him. Later down the line they had Dorothy (from The Wizard of Oz) and Little Red Riding Hood kiss, but the relationship started and ended in a single episode, and neither of the characters were ever seen on the show again. Overall...definitely wouldn't recommend it for LGBT rep of any kind, although the potential for Emma and Regina was very good in earlier seasons.

Anyone else remember the rumors that Oaken from Frozen was gay because of the sauna scene? And then it turned out everyone mistook his wife for one of his daughters.


Mar 24, 2017
Speaking of BatB, I stopped listening to a Disney podcast when, prior to release, one of the hosts waxed on for a while about how this shouldn't be thrown in the face of the audience.

I wrote him a lengthy e-mail and got one back. He tried to defend himself, but I was done.

I think we can find a gay moment (inferred or obvious) in every movie if we try hard enough. What's the deal with the dwarves, after all? They're seven small men living together in the middle of the woods.


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