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Dec 13, 2000
Do UCF, Valencia CC, and Lake Sumpter State College offer college credits for the DCP or are they open to students taking time off to do the DCP? I would assume they suppprt the DCP since they are in Central Florida but couldn’t find specific information. My son is a full time ballet dancer who is thinking about going back to school and/or auditioning for Disney in the next few years. I told him I would check in here to see if anyone has experience with the DCP from any of those schools. Thanks!


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Jun 27, 2003
I'm on a Facebook group for parents of DCP students. Someone posted a thread a few weeks back asking about college credit. And while I can't speak to those schools specifically, the overwhelming response was that most schools do not offer any sort of credit. Also some students had to take into consideration staying enrolled somehow (like online courses) in order to retain scholarships. I'm sorry I can't be more specific for you.


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