How to do AK and HS in one day?

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    Jan 21, 2007
    We have been to Disney many times but this is the first time seeing Avatar and Toy Story. We have one day before we board the Dream. How can we do both parks in one day? We only want to do Avatar rides, EE and the Safari rides at AK. Head to HS to do the major rides for tweens (no shows).

    Help me plan! Fast passes for...Rope drop?

  2. EdnaMarieMode

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    Jul 16, 2018
    My strategy would be:
    Rope drop Slinky Dog, then Alien Saucers and Toy Story Midway Mania.

    FP the AK rides for later in the day.
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  4. gharter

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    May 3, 2004
    Would agree. We did HS at RD We were tehre 60 minutes before park opening at the turnstiles. On SDD by 8:50. On AS2 by9 and TSMM by 9:05. waking out of TSL at 9:15.
    FP AK if you can.
    Good luck.
  5. WedWayPilot

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    Jul 30, 2017

    You could do HS in the morning. Rope drop SDD and A2S, the fast passes for TSMM, RNR and TOT. Then in the evening do the ultimate nights of adventure tour at AK.

    If Disney after hours were available at either park or Early Morning Magic at HS on the day you are going those would allow you to do everything you wanted as well.
  6. sharonabe

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    May 22, 2009
    Which FP+ are available at your 60 days will probably make your choice for you.

    I agree with others to try to FP+ those at AK for late in the day and do HS at rope drop.

    If there's nothing available for AK, then try HS for late in the day. The problem with HS is that ALL of TSL is Tier 1, so you'll only get 1 and then you'll have to wait in line for the others. If this becomes your only option, then I would make that FP+ for late afternoon and add RnR and ToT, then hit the other TSL rides during F!.

    For either scenario, it means you need to be at your morning park at least one hour before rope drop, even if that park has early EMH that day. Since you don't have much in either park, I'd be tempted to add a late morning, early afternoon hop to either EP or MK into the mix!
  7. WaterLinds

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    Oct 24, 2014
    If the budget and schedule allows, EMM was going to be my suggestion too (I keep forgetting about DAH!). We have more time than the OP, but our plan is to do EMM and get TSL out of the way, RD the other HS rides before crowds are bad, and use FPs at AK later in the day. Our plans right now even have time for a rest break in between, it should all fit pretty well for us.
  8. wdw&sonny

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    Sep 24, 2008
    Similar to what others said. If only one day, so booking FPs at 60d, you won't get SDD. You may not get FOP, but if you do, it will be later in day anyhow. Plan for HS morning and hit TSL early, with SDD first, Alien Saucers, TSM. Then ToT and single rider RnRC, then Star Tours. Have lunch at Sci Fi. Take a break. Head to AK for your FOP, EE and KS FPs, then check for NRJ FP or do NRJ near to park close.
  9. GoofyDad_4427

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    Nov 21, 2017
    Definitely start at DHS because if needed, you can do Everest and FoP in the last 30 minutes of park hours. My 12 year old and I made it from Everest to FoP in 7 minutes walking as fast as possible the whole way, to get in to line one minute before park closing. The Everest line usually shortens substantially about an hour before park closing. We had ridden it as a walk on 3 times in a row before heading for FoP.

    If you don't mind getting in to line for FoP one minute before close, then I would definitely use FPs at DHS earlier in the day. Plus you may not get a FoP fast pass anyway.

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