Just back from Savannah/HH/Charleston


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Mar 28, 2005
Well, the weather was pretty uncooperative, but we still had a nice stay, thanks to the Disney magic!

After a day/night in Savannah, we arrived at HH about 6:30pm, and found out we'd been upgraded from a 1 bd to a 2 bd on the top floor overlooking the marsh. Totally unexpected, and quite the extravagance for DH and me (each got our own bathroom!). The room was spotless and in perfect condition. The castmember who checked us in called after about 30 minutes to make sure all was well...a nice touch!

Monday was an exploring day, as we'd never been to HH before. The walk to the beachhouse was longer than expected, long enough that I stopped at the Palmetto Dunes store for directions. They gave me a map that had (as they all do) lots of ads, including one for a free golf workshop at the RTJ course at 4pm that day...if you haven't done this, and you golf at all, it was quite enjoyable and I highly recommend it. We liked it so much so that we decided to book a group lesson, but they were full...so the pro booked DH and me for a 2 hour private lesson at the group rate. Clubs were included, even for "leftie" me.

Our one "nice" meal was at Cafe Europa. To be honest, I wish we'd tried someplace else. I didn't realize you had to pay to get into Sea Pines, and then my dinner (one of the specials, a red fish stuffed with crab and covered with a shrimp and tomato "salsa"), was not good. DH had a fine seafood pasta (so he said...it had everything in it but the kitchen sink, including pineapple, coconut, curry, and spinach, but he said it worked).

After that meal, I was a bit gun-shy about eating out, although Marley's looked interesting, and we might try that next time. We had pizza delivered, and brought dinner back from the Fresh Market store the last night....their carrot souffle was really good!

We took a day trip to Beaufort, and took the Spirit of Beaufort walking tour, which was a nice stroll through the town, with cookies and cider at the end.

More later, especially if anyone has questions....



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Mar 17, 2005
We were upgraded from a studio to a two-bedroom in March! What a treat, and our view was incredible, looking out over the water. We love HH!


We were upgraded from a 1 bedroom to a 2 bedroom in April..pays to go when they are working on a bunch of villas. LOL
It was fantastic!!
The kid had their own room and own bathroom..I'm going to hate going back to a 1 bedroom.


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