Legoland - dining tips for peak holidays, inside and outside the park


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Aug 12, 2008
We're making Legoland our base for Christmas 2019. DD11 and I are staying three days and need to eat without going insane from crowds and mediocre food. We'll have a car, so we can leave the resort.

We've previously visited Legoland California for only one quiet day (local schools were in session). We didn't starve, but "Pizza & Pasta Buffet" had perfectly bland food. :worried: Kiddo and I aren't afraid of adventurous dining.

Any dining tips and advise is welcome, especially from folks who visited on busy days.


Feb 17, 2019
I agree the Pizza Pasta Buffet is mediocre at best.

In the park, the Knights Smokehouse BBQ is probably the best in terms of theme & food, but only works if you want BBQ.

Have had decent salads/sandwiches from Garden Deli and Urban Kitchen, but more of a quick simple meal. Not really much of an “experience” in terms of food or theming.

I actually think the buffet at the hotel is OK, but I’ve mostly only been there for breakfast.

I think the restaurant in the castle hotel is decent too for what it is, so I’d happily go there for dinner after a day in the park.


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Jan 19, 2017
I agree on the park food being mediocre. The Knights Smokehouse is our favorite too, but nothing amazing. I haven't been to the Castle Hotel yet, but have never found anything great on site in the park or Legoland Hotel. We usually walk over to the Karl Strauss just outside the parking lot for a much better lunch/dinner without having to drive anywhere.


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