LGBT meet-ups on DCL?


Aug 22, 2010
Do they do LGBT meet ups on the Disney cruise line? Preferably for someone in there late 20s, early 30s like myself.


Jul 15, 2013
No, but depending on the itinerary, you will definitely find a lot of other LGBT folks. On the WBPC last April, all 4 of our table mates were gay and there were lots of other queer folks on the cruise. On the flip side, we found that a Thanksgiving Eastbound Caribbean cruise we did on the Fantasy was very family-oriented and we only met one other gay couple.

I would recommend joining your cruise's Facebook group or Disboards meet-up group and try arranging something. :)


Disney world traveller
Feb 26, 2011
There’s no advertised “Friends of Dorothy” like on other cruise lines. However, hang around the adult-only areas and activities and you’ll almost certainly meet some people. We’ve also found that two adults of the same sex in a stateroom tend to get paired with others for dinner table assignments.


DIS Veteran
Apr 22, 2005
Join either the dis boards thread for your cruise or the fb group and ask if there is a group meetup or you can organize it yourself. We have been on 14 Disney cruises and have either joined a existing group or we started one on every cruise. On the EB Transatlantic in 2017 there were over 40 at the meetup the second day of the cruise. Good luck!


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