Mini foodie, theme park junkie in the making! Updated: 8/11 Skippers Canteen


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Feb 11, 2012
We are trying SC in our November trip, on my birthday. Our DD is an animator/Walt fan and my DH really begged for this one...Im intrigued by the menu, but the atmosphere seems so cool. Id like to be at the butterfly you get a say as to where youre seated?
I’ve never requested a particular seat before but I’m sure you can ask. Chances you get it will probably be higher when they just open :) good luck!


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Feb 23, 2012
Thank you for your reviews. We also have Tiffins and Jaleo booked. I saw your title and was immediately attracted to it since a variation of theme park junkie is literally my user name on another site related to theme parks generally.


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Apr 29, 2006
Just getting started on your reviews and so glad to see that we share some favorite places! We love WBG and FF and have them booked for our next trip in December. Yours is the first review I've read on Jaleo tasting menu and all I can say is WOW! I can't wait for that one!
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    Jul 19, 2019
    Day 3- Flying Fish

    So it was raining hard by the time we got back to the hotel from Epcot. We tried to wait it out so we can take the boat to the boardwalk but it continued on and on and on until it was 15mins before our reservation. So... We took a cab! Lol! Tip: Uber was much more expensive than the cab at this time!

    Arrived at Flying Fish and I was shivering inside! The AC was cranked up! Our server came to the table and I explained we were on the dining plan but wanted to pay out of pocket for DS5. He said that was the best way to use it! First server to tell us that!! I will say all of the servers we had this trip ranged from good to great! Our server this time was really awesome! Flying Fish is one of the few repeats we have from last trip (this and CG brunch were must do for us!)

    Onto food!!

    Seasonal Fruit for DS5- he wipes this out in 5 minutes! Loved the presentation! So cute! I’ve never seen a restaurant put such effort for fruit!

    View attachment 420198

    For my appetizers, I had the Kurobuta Pork Belly! I was debating between this and crispy oysters. I’m so glad I got this! Everything on the plate was great! The pork was melt in your mouth, yummy yummy yummy!!

    View attachment 420199

    DH got the Lobster Bisque- he really liked this too! He shared some with DS5 who liked it as well!

    View attachment 420201

    DS got the shrimp scampi for his main. It looked nicely cooked but very plain. He liked it and ate most of it.

    View attachment 420204

    I got the Sardinian Seafood Pasta. I loved the sauce in this! I would have licked the plate clean! Lol! (It did look like the plate was licked clean because the server who picked it up made a remark about how I didn’t like the dish! Lol!) Again, DS5 took some of my food- the lobster and a scallop!

    View attachment 420202

    DH got the Wagyu Filet Mignon. He had it cooked medium. (He usually likes it well done, lol!) he absolutely loved it! Love all of it! The risotto, the steak, the veggie, the sauce were all great! I took a piece of steak and it was very tender and flavourful!

    View attachment 420203

    By this point we were full but could not resist dessert! Our server said Cocoa Breach was his absolute most favorite chocolate dessert so we went with that! It was amazing! They poured the sauce to make that indentation on the cake. I think it’s similar to a lava cake. It was very dense and rich. I loved it! DH and DS5 ate all the ice cream but I ate most of the cake. :cloud9:

    View attachment 420205

    Overall, I really like this restaurant and will probably be one of the ones we will always come back to. Food and service were both top notch. I love the ambiance too!
    It's one of our favorites too!


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    Jul 19, 2019
    great reviews and love your food pics! it makes me want to consider Skipper Canteen now... and DH was interested in Jaleo so I told him to check out your post as well. Thanks for sharing!!


    Jan 12, 2020
    Hello there all! Me, DH and DS5 just came home after a 8 day trip filled with yummy food and lots of new experiences! So a little background, I am the planner of course and have been stalking these boards since my son was born, planning his very first trip to Disney! :rotfl: Now 5 years after, will be his 2nd trip to WDW and a mini foodie in the making!

    I like split stays so this trip, we stayed at Yacht Club with the deluxe dining plan for our first 4 nights and Polynesian w/o dining plan for the last 4 nights.

    List of meals:
    Day 1- Arrival night
    Dinner: Wine Bar George

    Day 2- MK
    Brunch: California Grill
    Dinner: Cinderella’s Royal Table

    Day 3- DHS/ Epcot
    Breakfast- EMM*
    Lunch- Garden Grill
    Dinner- Flying Fish

    Day 4- DS / AK
    Breakfast- Cape May Cafe
    Lunch- Morimoto
    Dinner- Tiffins

    Day 5- DHS
    Lunch- Hollywood and Vine
    Dinner- Jaleo

    Day 6- AK/ MK
    Lunch: Yak and Yeti
    Dinner: Skippers

    Day 7- DS/ Epcot/ DHS
    Lunch- T-Rex
    Dinner- Takumi Tei

    Day 8- Epcot/ MK
    Breakfast- Ohana
    Dinner- Storybook Dining at Artist Point

    Day 9- MK
    Lunch- BOG

    Obviously a lot of food! Lol! First review will be on the next post!

    Edit to add: Totally forgot my son and I did Cape May Cafe breakfast but no pictures! Such a bad foodie!
    I am just now reading your reviews! I wonder if you would consider finishing your days 7-9?!?!?!? You visited a lot of the places we have ADR's for! Would love to hear your take on Takumi Tei, Storybook Dining and BOG!


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    Feb 11, 2012
    I am just now reading your reviews! I wonder if you would consider finishing your days 7-9?!?!?!? You visited a lot of the places we have ADR's for! Would love to hear your take on Takumi Tei, Storybook Dining and BOG!
    I got far this time and completely slacked at the end! Lol sorry about that! I’ll post short reviews on the restaurants fromDay 7-9 now.

    Day 7-T-Rex
    My son loved this restaurant for the shop and dinosaurs inside! Food was typical chain food I think. It was not bad but not unique or extraordinary. My husband had Ribs, which was pretty good. My son had pepperoni pizza, he ate some of it... and I had lasagne, which was ok.

    Takumi Tei- we were late for this reservation as we were stuck at test track! It looked like there was going to be a thunderstorm and they closed the ride. We were still promptly seated. We ordered some drinks and decided to order ala carte.We ordered the Nikomi Wagyu- short rib, Hana no Kani- crabs, Mozaiku - tuna and yellowtail sushi roll and Ochazuki - sea bass. My son had the duck from the kid’s menu. The food was awesome, we absolutely loved it. The duck was really good (I had some since my son could not finish it). My son also loved the crab dish, he ate almost the entire plate! I know most people come here for the Wagyu beef but the sea bass was also amazing, very different from anything you would get at WDW. It was pricey, coming up to over 200 including tip for the 3 of us. The biggest problem was that it took more than 3 hours from start to finish though! Everything took long to come out including getting the bill. I know it’s supposed to take long but this was a little extreme especially since they were not busy and we didn’t order that much. I hope next time we go, it wouldn’t take as long.

    day 8

    Ohana- this was just ok food wise. Basic stuff. I know people love this place but I felt it wasn’t worth it. Characters took forever to come which I guess was expected but a lot of people were complaining all around the dining room.

    Storybook Dining- this was a surprise. We liked the food here and characters were a bonus. My husband had the Pork Shank and I had the Sorceress Spell Land and Sea. Both were very flavourful. Mine had a little kick, there was some kimchi in it I believe. My husband’s pork was very tender. I came with low expectations since it was a character meal. The only thing is I don’t remember what my son had. We would return here if we can get reservations.

    day 9
    Be our guest- we will not be back. It was very dirty, my son would not even sit because the seats was dirty too. Food was very mediocre. The braised chicken dish (used to be pork) was a very small portion. I had the roast beef sandwich which was just ok. Not enough au jus.

    thanks for reading :) hope Disney opens again soon so we can get more reviews.

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