Nov 11, 2016
So let's get to it..:eeyore:

So i am not the kind of person to start a problem, i love life and believe in kindness. But my last visit to Disney World was December 2016. Usually me and my boyfriend goes every year, and if we are lucky we get to go twice a year. Once at DW Florida and the other DL California.:goofy::mickeyjum But after our vacation in December 2016 we began planning our next trip for my birthday in June 18 (this year). I was unfortunate to go so me and my boyfriends made plans to go in December 2017. And again after booking and planning we had to cancel our VMCP as well as our reservation at our home resort (the Poly). We again surfed and did everything we can and got lucky enough to book a week in September and join the MNSSHP as well as to stay in Copper Creek! :figment::tigger:Now, This morning i came in to work and my supervisors makes schedules in advance and unfortunately puts me on the week i am at DW for the MNSSHP. Of course this time in advance we booked our flights and.... yeah..... you know how it goes from here.:furious:

:tinker:So for the most part i let my boyfriend down again and now his family since i will not be attending this year to DW for the MNSSHP. I really need to make this up to him and i was thinking maybe i can get some help with a PLAN B? Of course around this time to book at a Disney resort its highly a skim deal but like Walt himself said "Its kind of fun to do the impossible." So any ideas or just give in to going next year? UGHHH HELP?! BTW SORRY DONALD :donald:AND :bday:


cranking out magic and assembly line whimsy
May 16, 2017
? But it's not your fault, you can't control the schedule your supervisors create... are they flexible in moving things around? Can you ask and explain that you have a "family reunion" to attend (doesn't matter that it's your boyfriend's family) and get that week off?


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