Rest In Peace Cameron Boyce


Assistant to Edna Mode
Jun 10, 2019
I would like to just take this time to remember Cameron Boyce.

Cameron is a Disney Channel star that has shined bright in the TV series "Jessie" and movies like "Grown Ups" 1 and 2 and the Disney Channel Descendants series.

I may have not been a super fan because I never watched Jessie a lot, but the Descendants movies were my favorites and the Grown Ups movies.
Boyce suffered from a seizure in his sleep due to an ongoing medical condition.
The thing that is so heart breaking was that he was a so young , my age really. But he was also so talented in every way and now we just have the memories. But I know we will cherish them forever. Now run free in God's kingdom and hug Walt Disney for me.

Rest In Peace Cameron Boyce

(Carlos son of Cruella DeVille my fovorite V.K).


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