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    We are going to DLP and celebrating my daughter's birthday here. We would like to have a table service/order of a menu dinner. I tried doing some searches as well as looking at the pinned posts, but so many of these threads are outdated and the links/pictures are missing. Does anybody have some suggestions where we can check out? Does the Pirates of the Caribbean have the restaurant inside the ride area, like in California? I'm open to any other suggestions. Thanks! :)
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    DS was there in fall.

    He ate at the restaurant in Pirates, had a table by the water. He was quite shocked when someone walked up behind him and leaned in >>>> Capt. Jack. He enjoyed it.

    He also ate a Bistro Chez Remy. Said decor was great but very disappointed in quality of the food, especially being in France.

    He did the Dining Plan and it turned to be a great value for him.
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