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    I'm thinking of flying into Tampa because this is a semi-last minute budget trip and Allegiant airlines would save us about $1000, even factoring in their bag fees. So totally worth it. We absolutely want to avoid the hassle of renting a car, so any suggestions on the best method of transportation from the Tampa airport to Disney property? I'm thinking that even if it were to cost $200 round trip, that's still a good chunk of savings. Thanks for reading.
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    I'd try Uber, but Allegiant doesn't fly into Tampa's main airport. The airport Allegiant uses is further away. It will be a bit more expensive/difficult.

    We rented a car at Tampa's main airport for under $50 and dropped it off at the Disney Car Care Center. They have a shuttle back to the resort. We were able to get groceries, have lunch, grab a pizza, and drop everything at the resort before returning the car. It took 35 minutes from OKW to the rental return place and back.
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    Uber or a limo service but it is a very easy drive from tpa to wdw I would seriously consider a rental.
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    A rental car would be my usual recommendation from Tampa but Allengiant flies into St Pete's airport (PIE) and rental car prices from this airport (especially one-way rentals) can be considerably more expensive than from TPA (or MCO).
    PIE is 80+ miles from WDW and a 1.5-2 hours drive depending on traffic
    I would try to price it out with your dates and see, you may catch a deal.
    You didn't say what dates you are looking at so I did a quick sample reservation for early July and the daily rates look to be around $60 for a one way or $300 range for a week.

    Uber is a fairly reasonable option but depending on the number of people in your party and time of day, you will be looking at $100-$200 each way (that could be up to $400RT) and sometimes drivers are hard to find who want to make these long distance trips (be sure to tip well).

    A towncar company would make the run but most don't advertise this airport as a pickup point, you would have to call to get an estimate.
    I suspect you are looking at $300-$400 RT for this service plus 20% gratuity
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    Lyft has a new feature that posts pre-scheduled long trips and allows drivers to sign up for them in advance. But if your flight is late and you're unable to cancel far enough in advance, you could be hit with a hefty cancellation fee,

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