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Aug 24, 2010
I am flying Frontier for the first time next week. I did purchase seats for my daughter and I to sit together, but just the $5 seats. There were a lot of seats available yesterday when I bought them...although I realize many people may not have chosen their seats. My question is will they "upgrade" us and allow us to sit closer to the front if, indeed, there are many available seats? or does Frontier not do that?
FWIW, if you fly them again I suggest not bothering to buy your seats until online check in. Chances are good you'll get decent seats and still be together without having to pay. We are rarely assigned seats all the way in the back. And if you check in and find you don't like your seats you can go back after online check in and add them at that time. Between my boyfriend and myself we fly them at least 10-12 times a year and haven't seen any automatic upgrades. But we also fly a popular route and flights are always full so there isn't much option to ask if we can move either.


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Jan 2, 2011
Curious how Frontier is doing today? United seems to be having a rough time.

Good luck and get home safe everybody who hasn't returned home after Thanksgiving yet.
My son was scheduled to fly Frontier on the day of your post.
He drove to Providence RI in a snow storm 2 hours away and stayed in a hotel the night before for an early flight with his pregnant wife and daughter. They sat on the plane for awhile, then were deplaned and waited three hours before their flight was cancelled for mechanical reasons.
Frontier has non existent customer service and left 180 passengers with zero help to get to their destinations.
He missed a full day in Disney, got in after midnight with a baby on Jetblue.
That is the very short version of his Frontier experience.
He came back on Jetblue as well.
Frontier would not refund the second half of his round trip ticket despite cancelling the first half of his ticket.


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Feb 29, 2012
We just came back and flew Frontier for the first time. With all the fees it was just as expensive. The thing you are not told by Disney is the Magical Express does not deal with them so upon your return home you have to lug your own bags onto the Magical Express then check the bags yourself. Was not so magical. We’ll never fly them again.
Anyone flying on any airline can use Magical Express.

Not all airlines participate in the Resort Airline Checkin (RAC) program. The list of participating airlines is very clearly spelled out on the RAC page of Disney’s website.


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Apr 24, 2018
I've flown Frontier. They're a budget airline, but with all of the add-ons you may not be saving all that much. If you go twice or more a year, it's worth joining their membership program.

The times I've flown, they're fine. No frills and it gets the job done. They used to have a really early flight to Orlando and a really late flight home, so it was great for me. However, they've changed their times to make it not so convenient.

I've switched to using Southwest exclusively and they offer many more options when it comes to flight times and everything is included (with the exception of the Early Bird Check-In). Southwest also participates in the Resort Airline Checkin program while Frontier does not, so no more lugging luggage around the airport on the return flight, which is nice.


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Aug 16, 2013
We have flown Frontier. Honestly there aren't a lot of choices for our airport, Cleveland. We do the works and it's still cheaper than any other airline. We fly mid week and knock on wood we haven't had any issues yet. My kids, who both live out west, usually fly United with stops always seem to have issues. I'm not a fan of flying but to Disney it's easier now as I'm getting older and two hours compared to two days is totally a game changer. We used to love flying with SW but they priced us out here, not sure why.


Aug 9, 2009
Just booked Frontier for our return trip from MCO to PHL. I was able to get our flights to MCO on SW on the date the booking window open, but since the second half of our trip is a DCL cruise I needed a time that was post-noon. SW prices are either really high for a connecting flight or reflected as sold out for direct (yes, even on release day). I have been checking all of the sites quite regularly and it looks like Frontier recently extended their schedule. They had much better flight times and the Den fares were really low. Starting to get nervous, I bite the bullet and booked the flight. Even with paying for the Den membership and opting for the bundle, we are doing a land and sea so excessive packing is inevitable, I feel the price is comparable to what I usually pay on SW. I am a longtime lurker so I am aware of Frontier's performance. If this was 2 years ago I would be really nervous but from what I have read Frontier is really making great strides in reputation. I have another trip planned for the fall so if all goes well in April I should be able to use my Den membership again.


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