The Sheraton Vistana Resort Thread


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Aug 3, 2010
@hhhaleybird I don't use skyauction personally, so can't help with the level of service; others here have booked through them with no issues and can chime in with personal experiences.

I would say that it is legitimate and not a scam. Skyauction is actually a discount site where the larger exchange companies (RCI or II) "dump" their unused inventory from timeshares all over the country. It can be hard to get prime weeks as the resorts are generally full, but that is a fine price for a week in shoulder season. The one thing to watch for with SA is the fine print. Most auctions have a base price, but then there are additional fees for weeks in busier periods. This is disclosed in the auction, but you do need to look at the terms carefully to see if your desired week is available and what it will actually cost.

You might consider posting this as a separate thread on the parent Orlando Hotels and Attractions sub-forum. Skyauction sells weeks at many area resorts, so lots of experience outside of Vistana Resort.


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May 22, 2015
I’m new to this reliable is SkyAuction on getting reservations for you after you give them your credit card information? I see where I can buy a 7 day vacation now for $375 and put in my dates I want to book. I’d like to book this month. Can anyone give me some insight on the process? How long does it generally take for them to confirm reservations? Am I being scammed? It just seems too good to be true.
I've used skyauction for the Sheraton Vistana and had a great experience. We did it last year, and as @bankr63 mentioned, you need to keep an eye on the fine print and any surcharges. They will be clearly listed on the page toward the bottom. Also, they offer trip protection for around $25 - $50 which I also bought. I can't remember how much exactly it was, but you can cancel easily with the protection.

When you book you specify the week you want, they will send you a confirmation after you pay. They book rooms using a "dummy" name but they change it to your name around 2 weeks before your trip. I think they do it that was to hold certain dates/rooms and then sell them to people. You can then call the resort directly after they change the name to yours and room requests. I believe I got a confirmation pretty quickly after I bought the stay. If your date is closer than 2 weeks, I would email skyauction and request they change the name asap so you can all the resort for any requests.

I had some questions after I booked regarding the "one in 4 years" thing you see on most timeshare resorts. That applies to people who trade, not who buy a stay, but I wanted to be sure since I do stay at the SVR other times but those are "getaways" through Interval. I sent an email and someone from skyauction called me and answered my questions.

One thing to note: if you are staying at SVR in a one bedroom unit, it will be part of a lock off. That means one unit has a separate bedroom, a balcony and full kitchen and listed as a "one bedroom premium" and the regular one bedroom does not have a balcony or full kitchen, but a kitchenette. They are listed regular one bedroom units. If you book a one bedroom, I highly suggest calling the resort to request a "one bedroom premium". They won't guarantee requests, but I've found them more than accommodating and if they can do it, they will.

Looking at skyauction quickly, I think you might be referring to #3178438
If so, the September check in is Sept 15, this coming Sunday, but there is an asteric ** near that date, so that means it is a unit that accommodates 6 people, rather than 8. Those are the types of "small print" you need to be aware of. I believe the "sleeps 6" units are in the Courts or Falls sections.

Regarding a deal "too good to be true".... there are weeks that people/companies own and they need to fill. This time of year I get emails from a time share company we deal with with loads of really cheap beach weeks, Orlando weeks, etc.



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Feb 28, 2018
Thank you @bankr63 & @mckennarose for your useful information on SkyAuction and SVR. Thanks for pointing out the details and process to me. I missed a few details when I read it on the page. The one bedroom unit that locks off wouldn’t work for me so I’m glad you mentioned it. But I really like what I see. I plan to stay here in the future.


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