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Christopher Maley

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Aug 5, 2017
I've recently have been coming out as trans mtf and I have been wondering what should be done if anything regarding reservations and going to the parks. I have not had a name change. I will have to fly in male mode to make things easier.

What circumstances would making a change to my name and gender on the reservation help or make things more difficult, since I will present as female for much of the trip? We are staying at Pop Century in September. Are pictures used for identity with the magic bands? Will I need to show my ID for alcohol or will the magic band suffice for age verification?



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Nov 30, 2013
I don't know specifics but I would plan that you would need to show a picture id in order to purchase alcohol. That is fairly strict unless you look over a certain age. Myself in my mid 40's I am past the age of being carded because they figure I am old enough just by looking at me and not some 19-20 year old who is using a little makeup and creative dressing to make myself appear over 21. There are shortened forms of your name based on your DisBoards Name that if I heard it I personally wouldn't think anything other than damn she is so lucky to not have to worry about being so big in the chest area she has to shop at a specialty store (I won't say how large I am just that walmart and target don't carry that large and it's a pain some days). I actually know people who have names that could go either way although usually they have a slight variation in the spelling typically a vowel difference a instead of O i instead of e types to lean towards male or female.

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Apr 29, 2004
Agree with @sweetpeama above that you will need photo id when purchasing alcohol unless you appear to be significantly older than 21. Also, if you are checkin in at the resort in person, you will be asked for a photo ID then.

Of course, even if you are presenting as female but your ID looks male that will still work as long as the person can still see that its really you. Good luck!


Oct 6, 2017
The official policy is that they check for ID when purchasing alcohol for anyone who looks 45 or younger. However, I found that this varies widely. On my recent June trip, the ONLY place we were carded was at the main pool bar in Fort Wilderness (I assume b/c that place is more likely to have teens off on their own?). My boyfriend forgot his ID at our cabin and they wouldn't let him order (despite him clearly being in his 30s). I had my ID and could order for the both of us...still with him standing next to me and taking the cup of alcohol, so silly.

Anyway, all that's to say that in many locations the ID situation may not be much of a hassle for you. None of the sit down dining locations ever bothered to ask.

The only other time you would need an ID is upon hotel check in (if your name is on the reservation). You don't present it when checking into the parks, Just tap your magic band.


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May 5, 2008
If you are staying at the hotel with another guest, you could have that other guest as primary, then you would not need your ID. No ID for MB, just your fingerprint or pin #.


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