Wanting to work on the disney cruise after college.....

emily elkins

Earning My Ears
Nov 15, 2017
Does anyone else want to work on the Disney cruise after college? If so what degree are you working on? if you applied how is their application process and is it easy to get a job there? I am in early childhood education and want to work in their youth areas.


Oct 1, 2012
You would want to apply as soon as you hit those 6 weeks that you're allowed to apply. I know someone who worked on the DCL after finishing their DCP. It is a separate company keep in mind. Keep in mind DCL are contract positions - you'll be spending 18 months at sea and working for most of the time you're onboard. But you'll get a month off and then go back to work again. It is an interesting experience.


Feb 27, 2017
In the youth areas the terms are different. A very good friend of mine worked in the youth activities (if that's the right term for the kids clubs) and I think each contract was maybe 12 or 16 weeks, some of the shortest on board.

In the UK (not sure if it's different in the USA) it was fairly straightforward. Applied, face to face interview in London, got the job. She had a degree in Education and quite a few years experience delivering and then managing informal science education along with being a girl guide leader etc.
Looks like you're on the right track with your course, just get a nice relevant holiday job as a playworker to ensure you have lots of the necessary experience. I assume you've already done plenty of that sort of thing already if it's your chosen path though.


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