When it rains guests are not told that Mickey will not light Christmas tree

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  1. sunshine1

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    Mar 19, 2014
    Learnt this the hard way tonight.

    Me and about 50-100 people waited for 30 mins tonight for Mickeys' Christmas lights.

    Usually Mickey, Minnie and Santa come out and sing a few songs then 'light' the Christmas tree in Town Square.

    The ropes went up as normal and the pre recorded announcements were made.
    When it was time to happen the tree just lit up for a few minutes and that was it.

    Guests were not told: they should have been then they could have made an informed choice whether to wait in rain for 30 mins to see a tree light up minus Mickey.

    I would definately not have waited 30 mins in the cold rain for that.

    Not impressed with this DLP.

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