Why hasn't Disney made a gay/lesbian TV channel or magazines?

old lady

DIS Veteran
Mar 15, 2007
I don't believe it is fair not to have one since Disney is for gay rights and they do have families like heterosexuals. It doesn't have to carry the Disney name but it still can be family-oriented.


DIS Veteran
Jul 28, 2008
Disney is always evolving. It may be slow but I don't think a channel like this is outside the realm of possibilities. ABC Family ( which is now Freeform ) is owned by Disney and have more current shows that are more in tune with the world today, so something like this could be just around the corner.


DIS Veteran
Aug 4, 2011
This post might be out of place my deepest apologies if it is but given free from is the adult Disney channel the fosters does air on it and it's about a lesbian couple raising five teens not sure if that is what you have in mind


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