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May 15, 2007
So next month probably Friday and Saturday?
I would imagine so unless they are especially busier......but check with the hotel and they`ll confirm it.....:thumbsup2

We`re thinking it`ll be Fri or Sat we`ll have to choose from too.

J'aime Paris

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Mar 7, 2008
I'm getting sad for the both of you, lol! Leaving is never fun:faint:

But....always new trips on the horizon!

We just booked DD's 21st bday celebration in Las Vegas. Always nice to have something on the calendar!:thumbsup2
  • schumigirl

    It's a bit of a roodie doodie word for lady parts
    May 15, 2007
    I'm getting sad for the both of you, lol! Leaving is never fun:faint:

    But....always new trips on the horizon!

    We just booked DD's 21st bday celebration in Las Vegas. Always nice to have something on the calendar!:thumbsup2
    Oh I’m so glad you got your Vegas trip sorted!!! That’ll be some celebration........look forward to hearing all about it.....sounds like a fun trip!!!

    I hate leaving. I really do.......and even though it’s not long till we get back, I still feel sombre on those days......you know what it’s like, everyone is the same........

    Yep, looking forward to our next trip now..........:D


    Jan 26, 2011
    Looks like on our next trip we will have to visit St. Augustine.....even if only for the rum!! Does Tom have a favorite rum flight at Strong Water?


    It's a bit of a roodie doodie word for lady parts
    May 15, 2007


    We both wake up with that impending feeling of doom......and as always, it is almost immediately lifted knowing we`ll see Kyle soon..........I think my mother is convinced if it wasn't for him we`d never come back the amount of nights we stay in America...….she might be right!!!! But, there`s always a silver lining!!!

    But, we get up shower and dress fairly subdued a sis expected today. And to add insult to injury the weather is stunning......although that is fabulous for everyone who is here for their vacation....I wouldn't wish bad weather on anyone...…

    Our plan today was to check out and head over to RP where we were having lunch in Jake`s, our friend was meeting us there and rather than get a late check out, we were going to sit in the Club Lounge after Jake`s till it was time for us to leave...….

    So, dressed and still sombre, we moved on to breakfast.

    Sometimes when we stay in Sapphire we have the buffet breakfast in Amatista, but as we were planning on lunch in Jake`s we had bought some blueberry muffins yesterday in Publix, they looked lovely I have to say.....so Tom went along to Dutch Trading where there was as always a wait, for two coffees to go with our muffins…...

    We ate our breakfast at the table glancing out the window at how beautiful it looked out there today....the sun was bursting through the sky and I could feel the heat piercing through the windows...….this was beautiful.....and if it had been our first morning, it would have been perfect!!!

    We really took our time this morning, chatting and planning what we would be doing when we got home.....….then we got the ipad out and called Kyle on Facetime......seeing him always lifts our spirits!!!!

    He is doing great and is so looking forward to going away with work for the next two weeks......we were thrilled he was offered the chance to go to Scotland with them......we chatted about other things to and how much we were looking forward to seeing him the next day......it was good it was Sunday we landed as he was going to be home...…..this being Saturday he had plans for the day so we waved goodbye and said we`d see him tomorrow.....that sounded good!!!!

    I tidied up the coffee mugs and the muffins we hadn't eaten, one really was enough....they were huge....and very tasty, I`d buy them again...…..

    Now came the challenge we had both been deliberately avoiding talking about, or even thinking about.....but we were postponing the inevitable...…..

    Tom was the first to utter the words...….we need to pack up...…..

    I really didn't...….I`d rather be doing almost anything else except this...…

    But, we got on to it...….my first job was to bubble wrap the 1.75 litres bottle of Appleton Estate rum, and we were thankful we didn't do our usual and buy more rum than this...….but we could get some in Duty Free in the airport...….saves putting it in the luggage!!! Anyway, once it was placed safely in the case, it was festooned with clothes and anything to deflect any possible damage that it may face...…..

    I put that in Tom`s case.…..I say Tom`s case, as on the return flight everything just goes in anywhere it`ll fit in......and today was tight...…..my case is the bigger one, but it was full fairly quickly and I did question the necessity to bring back enough hand washes to fill a swimming pool!!!! I said next time we won`t be bringing them back for anyone except us.....and we wouldn't need that many.

    I double wrap the large bottles of Aussie shampoo and conditioner and nice shower gels I had purchased and hoped for the best.....we had always been lucky with these too...…..and avoided spillages like this......we dreaded this...….minus the Bible of course...……

    And by some miracle, we actually managed to get the seriously bulging cases closed and zipped up.....how we did it I`ll never know......but it was done...….thankfully!!!!

    It was almost time for us to head off now...….so we went through the lobby and out to get the car for the last time this trip...….

    We did manage to get a picture of it parked in all it`s glory outside the front of the hotel...….we hadn't taken many pictures of this car, we much preferred the Maserati......of course this one didn't come with as many toys as the newer version, and the non rental car version of course!!!!

    We decide, rather ill advisedly to stop off at the bell services desk and weigh the cases...….I wish we hadn't :o ......even the luggage guy laughed when he put them on the scale...…..not a good sign......yes, we were over...by quite a lot...….and really, not a lot we could do about it now...…

    At that one of our friend`s assistants came out to say goodbye to us. Such a lovely girl and we had only met her for the first time this trip.....we did lament about our overweight cases and she understood of course the shopping aspect.....lol......we chatted and then had a hug and set off for the car......a quick glance rather sadly back into the lobby and we go through the doors....into the heat...….wow!!!!!

    Michael, one of the very lovely valet guys had already got the car for us and we thanked him again for taking such good care of us once again....and they really do...…

    And once the very heavy cases were loaded into the back, we drove off the very short journey to the RP......it was weird driving in here on our last day...we felt as if we should just be checking in...

    Our friend was rather amazingly waiting for us......we hadn't expected him to be here right now, so that was a lovely surprise...….and we walked in together.

    He couldn't join us for lunch today, but said he`d see us before we left......he checked we were going to be in the Club Lounge till 3ish....we said yes, once lunch is over we`ll be up there and thanked him again for allowing us to visit as his guest...….

    It was quiet in here today, and apart from a few people dotted around, we were the only ones in.....so I got some pictures of course..…..

    We never eat outside, we much prefer the air conditioning, but it is so pretty out here......you are directly underneath the bridge as you come in......and some don't know the litte waterfall is there...but it is very pretty.

    And some beautiful lush greenery and flowers which of course you can see from the bridge as you enter and exit...…

    We both had strawberry lemonades, and had ordered our favourite crawfish chowder each...….and we also ordered a pizza to share......we had the idea that if the food wasn't good on the plane, we would be quite full enough for it not to matter...….

    The chowder was good as always, huge portion though...…..and we had ordered a special pizza...….bbq sauce base, chicken, pineapple and jalapenos.…...I`m sure the chef did a double take when he read the order......but our waitress said she told him it was for a regular and special guest so he didn't mind......lol......the weird thing was we didn't really know the girl who was looking after us today...….but she certainly knew us!!!!

    The pizza was delicious......but far too much after the chowder...….I don't think we even ate much more than half of it...although we did eat more of the toppings......they were delicious!!!!

    Jake`s is a place we have never had a bad meal in......from the very first time we ate here back in 2008, we had loved it.......the menu had changed in many ways over the years, I still missed the crunchy shrimp dish they did all those years ago......but the quality had never diminished and still had many items we could choose from happily...….

    Staff have always been incredibly friendly and there is a good atmosphere in here....whether it be for food or a drink at the bar, which we hadn't managed last few trips...…..

    Suitable stuffed we paid the check and headed upstairs to Orchids area...……

    I wasn't sure how things would be when we visited in March, but knew some changes would have taken place....so we took some last images of the old Orchids sushi area...….

    I wonder what will happen to the purple umbrellas :rolleyes1 And we did hope they kept the same scent in the lobby they always have after the refurb. Each hotel has their own unique scent...….all lovely...…

    More to come...…..


    It's a bit of a roodie doodie word for lady parts
    May 15, 2007
    Looks like on our next trip we will have to visit St. Augustine.....even if only for the rum!! Does Tom have a favorite rum flight at Strong Water?

    All of them!!!! lol...…

    I think the one he did on the Saturday night this trip.....although there has only one rum out of them he didn't like.....but that was a few trips ago.....

    You can choose your own rum, or let them surprise you after a chat and you tell them what kind of tastes you prefer...…

    Ask for Lenny or Brad if you do have one...….:thumbsup2
  • keishashadow

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    Dec 30, 2004
    Curious, which is worse on the wallet for you flying internationally...being ‘over’ weight on luggage or just adding another checked bag? Here paying for an extra bag here on most airlines-domestic, tends to be significantly less expensive which has always struck me odd.

    Had wondered why there are so many luggage stores & kiosks in the outlets that sell luggage. Appears the Brazilians who favor the nike outlets tend to keep them in business lol

    We’ve had two strikes on the wok experience. Such a lovely personalable young lady each time, just not a great chef. May have to try it again though as your pictures look great. Well, except for the crawfish:eek:anything with eyes eeek

    That last day departure is rough, has to be even worse after you get settled in during your long visits. Nice to know you will be back at it in weeks!:thumbsup2


    It's a bit of a roodie doodie word for lady parts
    May 15, 2007
    We really were full up......but we managed to haul ourselves up to the lounge where a couple were surprised to see us......we had said we may get a late check out over at Sapphire....but this was lovely, being able to come up here and spend some time...….

    At this time of day it is incredibly quiet.....a couple were checking in and came in to have a look at the offerings.....and today they could see the new offerings for lunch times (12-3pm) in the lounge.....

    As well as the traditional fresh fruit they had several new items available for anyone who was in to grab for a quick snack......we were quite impressed with how it looked compared to before.

    I think they will be popular choices!!!

    I tried the honey nuts and the assorted veg chips, and they were both lovely......and ideal for grab and go.....

    The previous night we were in we missed saying goodbye to one of the supervisors, so we were glad to see she came in today and we could day goodbye properly...….and it was lovely to see everyone else again including Kayla who wasn't sure we would be across again....we had already said goodbye, but another wouldn't hurt.....lol...…

    It was lovely spending those last two hours chatting and having a laugh......but eventually we had to go as the rental car had to be back for a certain time. So, once again we hugged and wished everyone well and went downstairs to where our friend was waiting to say goodbye to us......he always makes us feel so special!!!!

    Saying goodbye is never nice, but we are lucky it`s not too long till we get back......we do have a good chat and again, time could get away with us......we thank him profusely for everything he does and is to us.....I promise to send an email once we`re home safely......he walks us out to get the car and with another hug and again, I do feel the prickle of sadness in my eyes as we do get in the car to head to MCO...…..

    The drive to the airport is very sombre…...we feel it worse as it is so gorgeous out...…..the sky couldn't be more blue if it tried and we know we are going home to much, much cooler temps...….and our journey is uneventful and before we know it, we are right beside the airport...…

    Yes, we very maturely blow raspberries at the airport!!!! It`s become a tradition!!!

    We see there is a line into the rental car drop off and we ponder for a second that maybe we should have left earlier....it is Saturday after all.....but the line moves fairly quickly as we join it...….Alamo is easy to find and as we pull in we were fortunate a manager appeared and we could speak to her about the issues we had with the car...…..long story short, she refunds us most of the upgrade we paid for the car and says it will go get checked out......not major issues, but things just weren't as they should be with the car. We are always happy with the customer service we have had from Alamo and why we keep booking with them despite others being slightly cheaper...…

    When we got a receipt to say we owed zero, we thanked her and set off over to the terminal and took our last gulps of fresh air for a while...…..

    We got the elevator up and the Virgin Atlantic desk was to our left......we found the Premium check in and very slowly walked towards the desk where there was no line at all.....we had briefly swapped a few things around and I had taken somethings in my hand luggage......but no escaping it....these cases were heavy!!!

    The lady was lovely and strangely mine was just 2kg over which she let go, Tom`s however wasn't......and she very kindly offered us to switch some stuff out or be charged I think $80 per kg......which we did. I think the scales were out a little though as we only removed two items, and she said that was fine......she did tag them with a heavy label!!!

    Thank goodness they don't weigh us before getting on after at least two weeks of indulgences galore!!!!!

    But, they are gone. We did check to see if she had added or Global Entry number as it meant we would automatically get the TSA pre check......it seems if they don't add the number manually, it`s pot luck if you get it or not......and when she printed the boarding cards, they did indeed have pre check on them now. We thanked her for her time and set off for the seemingly everlasting wait till we eventually take off.

    We go and sit in the food court, and we share a rather huge pepsi…...crikey I`ll be living on the plane bathroom if I drank even half of that!!!! But, it passes time.....as does people watching...….

    And it didn't seem as busy as I expected for a Saturday...…..

    We moved over to the comfier seats away from the food court and behind us we heard a lady confused as to our flight on the boards......it was showing as late departing from the UK....but I had checked online and it had already landed at MCO......so I excused myself for interrupting her, but wanted to let her know it had indeed landed and despite the boards not showing it, it was due to depart on time tonight......she was very relieved...

    At that point we decided to head through security. We might as well not put it off any longer...….

    We joined the pre check line and were through in no time...….and we were glad of it, as the regular lines were fairly long, not the worst we`ve seen it, but glad we weren't in those lines.

    Of course being in the people mover going this way is always miserable.....and everyone is the same......and seconds later we are what feels like a million miles away from our home from home.

    We stop in at Duty Free and buy three rums and one Crown Royal......we hadn't tried that before as the last bottle we bought ended up as a gift for our builder......so we`d have another go this time. Tom would pick it up as we got on the plane.

    Now we wait. And this really is the worst bit. We wait and we wait and this area was mobbed today.....there was a plane load of people waiting to board on the other side of us from somewhere in South America, I forget exactly where, but they were so noisy.

    Eventually it looks like we will begin boarding...….wheelchairs and then upper class, then it`s us, and again, have to fight through the hordes who are lining up despite being told it`s Premium passengers only......sigh!!!

    I go through first and walk straight on as Tom is stopping for the duty free......and again, he takes slightly longer......but everyone else is boarding.

    He appears shortly, turns out as he went through, the girl kept hold of his passport.....the barrier thing closed, as he realised she hadn't handed it back to him as someone had spoken to her and distracted her briefly....she then told him he`d have to go back in the line and go through again.....what!!!! A bit of a conversation ensued and he did get his passport back and on his way...….

    But, we are seated and as soon as Tom say down, we were served our glass of sparkly...…

    We were in the same seats as the way out....very front upstairs in the bubble......and I did glance behind me and was very relieved it wasn't the same lady with the feet we had on the way out!!!! That would have been awful!!!

    But, it was quiet......then the two seats to the side of us, it has the baby shelf for the baskets.....and a young couple appeared with a baby...….you could feel the groans of the folks behind us......bless them!!!

    I spoke to them straight away and they were lovely......immediately said they`d do their best to keep him quiet......and there was the cutest little baby around 7 or 8 months old......and he spotted Tom and transfixed on him for a second or two.....then burst into the most amazing smile at him...….it was so lovely to see him like that.....and Tom was then his new best friend!!!! And he never got fed up of smiling and waving back at him.....

    We soon pulled back from the gate, looked like we would be leaving on time......always a good sign.....and the pilot announced our flight would be under 8 hours tonight.....excellent!!!!

    Take off was perfect...….and I adore the jumbo jet take off.....the roar of the engines is unlike anything else.....and we`ll miss this when they phase them out. But that roar, with so much thrust takes us up and away from the place we love so much...….now I`m blue!!!!

    We head straight out into the Atlantic tonight, we pass over KSC but we can`t see it as it is too dark......and after that the twinkling lights on the ground below disappear and we are flying over the depths of the Atlantic Ocean......something I try not to ponder on too much...….I don't like water!!!!

    The first drinks service is almost immediate, we both ask for white wine, and get two wines each...….and one of the simpler things about Premium is you get real glasses as opposed to the little plastic cups....nothing wrong with them, but this is nicer.

    It really is a quick service tonight...….almost immediately they are coming round with the dinner service......I had just settle down to watch the second fantastic beasts movie.....much better than the first!!!!

    I chose to have the caramelised pork with rice, and Tom had the other which I believe was chicken with mashed potato, but we can`t remember the name of the dish...…..

    And I have to say, it was lovely...…..I took the onions off of the salad and ate a little of that too......I gave Tom my dessert as it was banana something or other, and he swapped me his cracker with cheese......not a bad deal!!!

    You also get water and another choice of drink which she had already handed us another two wines!!! Crikey…...I think I`d sleep if I drank all of them!!!! We didn't...…..we did however drink plenty of water as we knew night flights the heat gets turned up, and you can get very dehydrated if you don't.

    Once the meal had been cleared away they came round with teas, coffee and brandy or Bailey`s.....I asked for a brandy, but gave it to Tom as I don't really like it...….he was enjoying the fact he wasn't driving at the other end this time...….very unusual for him...…..

    After that we all settled down, as did the baby beside us.....bless his little soul, he was out for the count after feeding...…he did look a very content little boy...….

    We both visited the bathroom and then I finished watching the movie, and did think about watching another one, but after two of the wines, I thought I`d try to sleep...….I looked behind me and everyone behind was all reclined as is normal on a night flight once the food has been cleared away...….I did check he didn't have his tray still out for any reason, but he smiled and said it was fine, recline away...….what a difference from the way out!!!

    I put on the Sky Map and saw we weren't that far out yet...….but hopefully if we slept, it would pass quickly.....

    We both wrapped ourselves in the blanket, used the pillows and the eye masks, used my noise cancelling headphones and lay back hoping for slumber.

    Although the Premium seats are bigger and more comfortable than the regular seats, they`re still plane seats, and your bum still gets numb after so long......so I wriggled about a little a few times, lifted the blind and saw it was still dark outside.....and avoided the sky map in case we had only moved an inch or so, and went back to sleep...……

    And we both did indeed sleep...….Tom actually nudged me to wake up as they brought breakfast round.....what!!!! I didn't believe we were there already......well, almost……we had 90 minutes to go and we would be home...….

    I did take a picture of the breakfast and it was blurry......so I can`t post it......but it was an almond pastry, fresh fruit, natural yoghurt, water and tea or coffee.....in real mugs!!!

    We did eat some of it, we both left the yoghurt, I don't eat yoghurt anyway, but natural....yuk...…..although the view was now a little nicer at 40,000 feet...……

    We had flown directly over the ocean as there had been a weather front near NY area, so that was why.....we usually go down the Eastern Seaboard and then turn right...….so this was a little different.....

    And by now the little lad beside us was awake, and again smiling at Tom and even I got a big smile....what a happy little boy......I think he now expected Tom was a permanent feature in his life...….the couple were sp pleased and relieved I imagine he had been so good.....but babies are babies, and they were parents that spent all their time amusing him cuddling him and generally paying attention to him....they were a lovely family.

    Our landing was excellent, although we did circle a little bit again.....I guess we were waiting on a slot becoming available...…..and this is where you do get a little impatient......now we`re so close, we just want to land and get going on the way home.

    We collected our belongings, and slowly make it off the plane, thanking CC for such a lovely flight...…

    It is chilly as we got though to passport control and we have our hoodies on as we expected it to be like this......passport checks are over in seconds once we clear the line which isn't too bad...…

    Through to the luggage hall, I leave Tom for a second while I go to the bathroom......then as I walk back tot he luggage carousel, Tom is pulling ours off.....I was gone two minutes!!!! Not a complaint of course.....I don't think our luggage has ever came off in the first bunch before...….

    Avoiding the glances of other annoyed passengers, we head out and into the arrivals area. BOOOO.

    As we had eaten a little of the breakfast, we didn't want to go to the Radisson for the buffet breakfast, it would be too much....so we stopped off at one of the little food places and got a roll with bacon each......now this was lush!!!! We really enjoyed it, and were surprised it was so nice...…..we only had some water with it would keep the tea till we got home.

    We walked down the Skywalk to the Radisson where we visited the bathroom before calling the lady cab driver to tell her we were at the door of the hotel...….she was about a minute away waiting for us......this was fabulous service...…..

    Initially we chatted away, and what she said normally happens with her other airport run people, happened.....after about 40 minutes maybe, we both conked out fast asleep in the cab!!!!

    And rather nicely woke up about twenty minutes from home......we had slept for almost two and a half hours!!!

    I was slow to waken up, and managed to get myself together and call Kyle to tell him to put the kettle on, we wouldn't be long...….and we weren't...….we pulled up the driveway and Kyle was waiting at the door......massive hugs all round for me, while Tom helped pull out the luggage...….we thanked our lovely driver and said we`d see her in May as we had already booked that trip when we booked this one...…

    It was nice to be home!!! We had missed our boy and after numerous hugs, we settled down to a cup of tea.....English breakfast tea with the best water!!!! Nothing quite like it...….Kyle had bought white bread in case we fancied a slice of toast, but the bacon sandwich had sufficed.

    We chatted for over an hour, just catching up and exchanging stories, and we had planned to go to bed as we usually do......but as we had slept on both the plane and for most of the journey home, we weren't ready to sleep...….now we had to hope we could make it through till bedtime!!!!

    I began to unpack the cases and everything clothes wise, went into the laundry room....it was quite a bundle and a half...…..

    Tom sorted out all the other stuff and put things away......and we were also glad to see the rum had survived...….and after this picture, it was all tucked safely away with everything else.

    We did manage to stay awake till bedtime......but first we had takeout pizza and shared a bottle of wine.....although I think we only had one glass each. And bedtime was 11pm...….and rather happily, we didn't have a lot of jet lag this time around......after a day or so we felt fine. And all laundry complete within 3 days!!!

    It is good to be home.



    We once again had a truly phenomenal vacation at our favourite place...….and folks wonder why we keep going back again and again......we have 70 nights here at this marvellous place this year alone, and we plan to have fun on every one of them.

    This trip being the first of the year was marvellous. A little cool at times, which is why we had a chat and have decided to not do Mardi Gras next year again.

    It was fun, but we realised our best times weren't during the Mardi Gras nights.....yes, we enjoyed them, but had better times when we were either in the parks regularly doing the rides or just wandering, or being out and about around Florida visiting other places.

    So, we have decided to extend our May trip instead...….it`ll be warmer and sunnier...….and won`t need hoodies.....it was one thing we didn't like about March.....how cool it was sometimes. We love heat and we don't come to Orlando to be cold.

    Sapphire Falls and Royal Pacific aren't just home from homes......we are at home when we are there completely......we are welcomed like family and we feel the same way about so many people there.....people joked it was like an episode of cheers once, where everybody did know our name.

    But, folks there mean an awful lot to us, and we are grateful for every one of them. And then there are the folks we genuinely adore and value their friendship so much. They always say such lovely things, not just corporate talk for those that I`m sure think that`s the way it is, but we have made some lovely friendships over the years and value them all.

    The hotels were amazing….we loved every second there and truly didn't want to leave......the hotels are both immaculate and staff are amazing. We loved our suite and had the best view around...…

    Restaurants in the hotels were top notch too. Couldn't ask for more. Proximity to the parks is one of the best perks......walking or the boats don't take long at all...….if you are considering staying in either Sapphire or RP you won`t be disappointed.

    The parks were amazing.…...it wasn't as busy as we expected some days, but I think we were lucky......we were also lucky with rides, and had no mechanical issues at all.

    Places we visited were amazing. St Augustine is a real highlight. We adore visiting there and will go back again this year. So many other places to see and we enjoyed them all and visited some lovely restaurants.....some were lovely, but due to experience won`t ever go back!!!!

    The weather was beautiful for most of the time, but a couple of cold days and cooler nights made it not our favourite time to visit, but I`m being picky here.....most of the time during the day it was glorious.

    We met some lovely people again this trip, and again, that is important to us.....meeting folks we have chatted to online is always fun.....and we had some fabulous nights with J`aime Paris (Lori) and AtTheRoyal (Holly and Hank)

    The people at the hotel we have known a long time, or some it seems we have known a long time is always fun to catch up with. And one or two very special people we just adore seeing.

    But, the best bit of all is the time we spend together...….we truly love spending time together and enjoy one another`s company so much...even when I`m a PITA......lol.....

    People ask if we never get bored with Orlando and each other...….the short answer is no.

    We spend almost every waking moment with each other, apart from when I see friends alone.....or visit NY with my mum......apart from that.....we are with each other constantly, and wouldn't change it......we are lucky we can do that now Tom is retired, but even before that folks used to comment why were we always together......lol...….

    Orlando and Universal is our happy place and will continue to be for a long time hopefully...…


    So, once again thank you so much for reading along with this little trip report......I have truly loved writing it and have appreciated each and every comment along the way......your comments help make the report so much more fun to me too…...and glad I`m not talking to myself!!!!

    Thanks for all the lovely PM`s along the way too......I did appreciate them too!!

    Till next time...….which hopefully is just around the corner...….we have 14 nights again at Sapphire Falls, beginning May 8th...….and we are so looking forward to that trip too...….

    Hope you can all join in that one too, and once again, thank you so much for making this extra fun...….



    It's a bit of a roodie doodie word for lady parts
    May 15, 2007
    Curious, which is worse on the wallet for you flying internationally...being ‘over’ weight on luggage or just adding another checked bag? Here paying for an extra bag here on most airlines-domestic, tends to be significantly less expensive which has always struck me odd.

    Had wondered why there are so many luggage stores & kiosks in the outlets that sell luggage. Appears the Brazilians who favor the nike outlets tend to keep them in business lol

    We’ve had two strikes on the wok experience. Such a lovely personalable young lady each time, just not a great chef. May have to try it again though as your pictures look great. Well, except for the crawfish:eek:anything with eyes eeek

    That last day departure is rough, has to be even worse after you get settled in during your long visits. Nice to know you will be back at it in weeks!:thumbsup2
    It is cheaper to buy another case Janet, we do get two at 70lbs each with VA, so we had no excuse.....we just kept thinking oh it`ll be fine.....lol...…

    lol.....yes the Crawfish chowder is a favourite….and you don't see any eyes in that one....just looks like little pieces of shrimp....again..no eyes....you`d like it I`m sure...…

    The Wok experience is worth another try for sure.....they are very accommodating so if you want more of anything like sauce, they will.....

    Yes, last day is always rough.....I think everyone is the same.....and yes, it`s just over two weeks now till we are back....and can`t wait to get back to Sapphire, Universal and Florida...…..:wave2:
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    Feb 19, 2008
    What a great trip! Thank you for all of the details and pictures. We get so many ideas on places to try and areas to visit!


    Muggle Dad
    Sep 9, 2015
    Made it through another fantastic report!

    Have to say, your pizza orders....yum! And what an interesting combo! I'll have to try it soon. :-)


    DIS Veteran
    Mar 9, 2017
    Thanks Carole!!!

    Another lovely trip in the books and almost time for the next!!!

    Looking forward to the next report shall you do one...::yes::

    September is our next stop at Universal maybe we’ll get a chance to meet the DIS legends in person finally!



    Proud Redhead...yes, I have some bananas!
    Dec 30, 2004
    Yet another chapter on the books in the continuing travel saga of Carole & Tom:thumbsup2 Have you considered getting the text printed and put in binder for review ala photo albums of old?

    Vodka & Rum, I go for premium. CR is wasted on me, all whiskey tastes yucky to me unless hidden in a sweet mixed drink. However, I am quite fond of the bags for storage.:laughing: Did you enjoy it?

    Make sure to post the link of the new journey!


    Earning My Ears
    Jun 14, 2011
    Thank you so much for your reports - always a fantastic read! Our last visit was this past February and we did not have very good weather, cold and we had rain almost every day - we have no trips on the books yet but will stick to our normal May or September from now on.


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