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Apr 11, 2015
Hi, all

Just got a great opportunity to spend 3 weeks in Hong Kong this summer (mostly working, but will have some time to explore), and have been looking into stuff about Hong Kong Disneyland. I'm most familiar with Disney World (between 5-10 visits), and have been to Disneyland Paris a few times, and am trying to manage expectations about HK since so much is under construction. That being said, if anyone could help answer/suggest resources for the following, it would be awesome!

- I know the weather is going to be miserable in July, but the timing is beyond my control; as far as park visitation, how bad does it get during that time? Do rides really shut down when it rains? (trying not to get spooked by the negative TripAdvisor reviews...)

- If I have to push a trip to a weekend date, how crowded would that be?

- My sister and I are fairly pooh-sized (I'm 5'6", she's 5'11", both wear roughly size women's 2XL); it doesn't look like that should be too much of an issue, right? (except for some of the Toy Story stuff and legroom on Space Mountain?)

- I know there'll be some culture shock, as eastern Asia is going to be a completely new experience for me, but is there anything in particular I should be aware of?

- Are there any other things I should be considering during the planning?

Thanks in advance!


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Jun 7, 2011
Yes, temperature is in the high 80s and very humid. i dont know if rides get shutdown during rain but rain actually helps reduce the crowd. Asian parents are fussy about rain and will keep their children out of it as best as they can.

If it's too crowded, theres an option to get the paid FPs (called Priority Admission). Most rides have fact only 2 rides have the old FP system (Pooh and Space Mountain)

As for culture shock, sometimes you're forced to share tables with strangers if the place is full. For example, you go to a dessert cafe, you're a party of 2 and you sit in a table for 4. the cafe is full, 2 patrons enter. the waiter will sit them at your table. Maybe not in Disneyland but in the city.

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Mar 18, 2018
With rain, outdoor shows get cancelled. Flight of Fantasy may be replaced by Mickey's Rainy Day Express. Some of the rides even stay open when there are thunderstorm warnings in effect but all rides close when typhoon level 3 or red rainstorm warnings get issued (see the HK observatory website for info on these warnings). Typhoon level 3 can feel like nothing but if there's a red rainstorm, you won't even want to be outside. One cool thing about rain in HKDL is that its the only park that I know of where characters carry their own umbrellas. In other parks, hosts/attendants/greeters carry the umbrellas.

One some weekends all the popular rides will hit an hour wait in the afternoon. On other weekends, Winnie the Pooh and RC may hit 40 minutes while other rides don't exceed 20. You're more likely to see the hour wait type of weekend in July if the weather is good.

There's often a space for you to try sitting in the ride vehicle before you get on so you can see how you feel about it.

If you come from the US, tipping culture in Hong Kong is to leave the coins if you pay in cash. Don't calculate a percentage to give at restaurants.


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May 23, 2013
The previous posters have all given good advice.

-I’m Pooh-sized as well (275 ish pounds and 4’11. I have never ridden the toy story rides but I haven’t had any issues on any other ride. At space mountain, sometimes some cast members have asked me to sit in the sample seat, but I just tell them I’ve ridden it before and they let me go.

-I’m not sure where you are coming from, but be prepared for crowds, everywhere in Hong Kong. I avoid certain MTR stations during rush hours because the sheer number of people pushing on and off trains can be terrifying.

-Be prepared for extreme heat and humidity. It can be unreal. I grew up in a humid area of the US, but it does not compare to Hong Kong summers.

-You can find almost anything you need in Hong Kong, but I hear people complain about the cost a lot. I’ve lived abroad for years so i don’t notice the cost of things as much.

-Lines at the park will probably be shorter than in the US parks, but lately, especially on the weekends, lines for rides like Mystic Manor and the Grizzly mine cars have gotten to be 45-50 mins.


Earning My Ears
Mar 11, 2019
hi i’m from hk and new to this forum.
The weather in summer varies usually getting hot in July and may hv heavy rains (maybe today is sunny, tmr have heavy rains)
u can read the forecast on hko website or download the app.
July may not hv any typhoon since the typhoon season usually starts from August (last year hkdl closed on the day after the Typhoon Mangkhut)
Most school will hv their summer holidays start from mid-July, families may go to disney with their kids on weekdays, but i think u better go on weekdays if u can.
i recommended u to purchase an octopus card (same as the oyster card in london) as u stayed in hk for 3 weeks. U can use it to take the MTR (the name of subway or metro), bus, tram and even purchase in the supermarket. (try to take public transport, some taxi drivers may not speak english or speak little english)


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