How to find a lifelong Disney partner???

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    Mar 25, 2012
    So I am in my 40s and live in the Orlando area. When I posted online it was pretty obvious that I spend time and like Disney as I had pics of me at runDisney events, in the parks with my ears, etc. However I didn't specify they had to love or even like Disney. The crazy thing is my boyfriend jumped all in-like he started loving magic bands and pins. He purchased an AP. We go every week to the parks. It's great-but I never expected that. The funniest is he outnumbered me in purchased magic bands within like a week of getting his AP-he has like 30 and I still only have 2! Just look for someone you connect with.
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    Apr 2, 2005
    With a little faith and trust, you'll get some pixie dust! The DIS is a great platform for putting yourself out there, though I never imagined it to be an online dating site. But five years ago, someone posted about getting divorced in his late 40's and I was going through the same thing, so after three months of commiserating through private messages, I took a solo trip from Canada, we met, and our friendship became much fact, I met my soulmate. Long story short, we have been married five years and live in Central Florida - yes, we both love Disney, but found we have so much more in common, and now Disney, although still part of our lives, has taken somewhat of a back seat as we just enjoy all the time we can spend together, even if we're just snuggling on the couch in front of the tv every night. I think things like this happen when you least expect it or aren't even looking for it, like God meant them to, so have some patience and let it happen...your post may be just the start of something amazing!

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