Ideas for fillable glass lamps


Earning My Ears
Oct 27, 2013
So my wife and I just re-did our bedroom and I would like to add a subtle Disney touch to the room. I bought two fillable glass lamps from Target and have been trying to think of something to put in them that is Disney, but not obviously Disney. For instance, I thought about buying a bunch of pressed pennies from Disney World online, but the copper color doesn't really go with our purple and grey color palette. Anybody have any ideas? It would be much appreciated!


Closet Disneyphile
Jan 4, 2014
OOOH! Subtle Disney, I love it! I used an exacto knife to cut out peter pan on black paper and place it on the inside of a light fixture and I also have a vinyl decal above my landing with the Alice in Wonderland quote.,160_&refRID=1FHDCPNMXA1TR8GQXJSR (not that exact one but similar).

I don't know what you could do with the jars....glitter maybe? Pixie dust ? There is not enough glitter in my life for sure.

Innermost UK

Earning My Ears
Mar 29, 2019
I would recommend Parasol by Jonas Forsman. The LED dimmable table lamp emits the light that is softly reflected down onto the surface via the adjustable parabolic shade. If any of the room lacks natural sunlight, use multiple overhead sources such as recessed lighting paired with a pendant.


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