Midwest Dismeet 2019


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Nov 12, 2007
Wow - just late to the game on this one. Just got back from WDW a week ago and still playing catch-up. Sorry I missed the chance to get together! Glad you all had a good time.


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Nov 7, 2010
Mickey Fan,

I didn't get a chance to meet with everyone for long. We had a Monday evening BBQ that was great. Otherwise I was at the conference. My boss called Monday afternoon and needed some info from me by today that took up my afternoons and evenings that last 2 days, otherwise I was planning on heading to Bjschil's farm yesterday.

There will be a next time. This season isn't over and there is always next year. I'm sure we will be planning another Midwest DIS meet soon, so stay tuned.



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Mar 5, 2015
So this is 2019 Midwest Dismeet #3. Met up with @Teamubr and friends June & Perry. Nice campfire and tacos Friday night.
Then, well, it rained for the next 24 hours. Hit some local stores and Goodwills. Found a dandy Wilderness Lodge picture frame for my collection.
Small campfire Sunday morning while the sun came out and the weather warmed up. Go figurePhotoPictureResizer_191029_185048563_crop_1690x2066.jpg20191027_102125-784x1613.jpgPhotoPictureResizer_191029_184917478_crop_1617x2841.jpgPhotoPictureResizer_191029_184917478_crop_1617x2841.jpg


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