New Seasonal Pricing for Disney Weddings in 2017

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    Children under 3 are free and not included. Meals are at a reduced price for those 3-9. Beverage prices vary depending on the bar service you choose. Lots of spaces have room for dancing but likely not all. You really need to get the Passporter for Disney weddings and study that before talking to a Disney sales consultant. Your time with them will make much more sense if you have a basic idea of plans and costs before going in and talking with one.

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    Thank you. Definitely a start and good to know.
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    Yes I highly recommend the Passporters Guide to Disney Weddings and Honeymoons! It will answer so many of those basic questions.

    You can call to ask questions, but the person you talk to will be the “stage one” person and may not have accurate information. Plenty of people have been told wrong information by the first person that answers the phones. However, with Disney’s new FTW tv special and an increase in their overall marketing, they may have better trained those phone operators.

    Most ballrooms have at least space for a dance floor, but some may need an actual floor rented if you want it to not just be a space of carpet or regular flooring. And some don’t really have the space at all (i.e., The Attic). But a standard ballroom will, yes :)

    Disney Travel Babble website has many of the bar packages available in PDF so you can at least get an idea. A lot of it depends on time of day, premium vs signature drink package, etc, but the website is great and has a ton of sample menus to look through.

    Feel free to ask any other questions you have! We’ve all sort of started here, I would say, to ask our questions and get feedback! Good luck in your planning!
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    We are looking at dates in 2019 for our daughter and what should be $4000 for the low season ceremony fee at the pavilion is actually $5000 when we talked to the planner. Boo.
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    This post is a year old. Disney has once again changed all of its minimums. They no longer use seasonal pricing. The new pricing for Wishes can be found HERE.

    You may also be interested in this Wishes Collection Overview & FAQ episode of the Disney Wedding Podcast:
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