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Earning My Ears
Jan 25, 2016
Helping plan a Disney World trip for a friend and his sister (both adults) while they are in Florida for a couple nights. They are from New Orleans, but both love going to places like the Bahamas, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, and Antigua. Based purely off theme and immersion, would POFQ or CBR hold the style and feel of their reference points better? I know CBR is really hot right now with the Skyliner, but I want to make sure I don't sell an idea that isn't accurate.


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Oct 11, 2012
Having been to the French Quarter in NOLA, I can say with certainty that Disney's version at POFQ is certainly... not really the same LOL. I don't think it will necessarily feel like "home" to them, know what I mean? 🤣

Not sure about how CBR would compare either; I think that sometimes it's OK to go outside your comfort zone just a teeny bit, and there is no better place to be "adventurous" than WDW 🙂

Why not the Cabins at Fort Wilderness? Or, Coronado Springs? And AKL sometimes has excellent (and overlooked) great rates and is a fantastic example of Disney lodging.

They might even enjoy AOA or POP; it depends on how immersive they want the theming to be! Even POR might be just different enough - the Alligator Bayou rooms are so cute now that the reno is complete!


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May 24, 2015
If you compare the resorts to the "real thing," nothing is going to add up. Disney does an admirable job trying to recreate the feel of various locations, but it will always be just that-- an impersonation. POFQ is not the same as the real New Orleans just as the Polynesian is not the same as Hawaii, and Epcot is not the same as travelling the globe. Don't sell either resort as "just like New Orleans" or "just like the Caribbean." I would suggest that they look at the website and check out the pictures of each resort, then pick something that appeals to them. Supposedly the new tower at Coronado Springs is quite nice and has a more adult feel to it, for example, if you are looking to stay with a moderate. I have stayed at all of the resorts but CSR and enjoyed every one. Short of the horror story of the Skyliner when it first opened, it seems like the gondola is a great, quick way to get around. CBR is very pretty and the dining options are better than POFQ since it includes Sebastian's. POFQ has no table service restaurant. All of the Disney resorts are well done and clean. It's just a matter of what appeals to individuals.


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Aug 17, 2005
I have stayed at both and like both, however I would not suggest your friends choose either one of the two. I would think about CSR, specifically the Tower there. An adult trip difffers from a "family" trip, IMO. CSR seems to be geared more to adult travelers, and is themed differently.

Keep in mind that both CBR and POFQ are very popular family resorts, and quite frankly, will be filled with kids. Now I love kids, travel with them often, and never try to avoid them in WDW, but I do enjoy a bit of an escape once I return to the resort if I am traveling with adults. CSR offers that, and I am told that the Tower is even more so.


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