Sheraton Park?? Or....?


Sep 23, 2009
I do, 1434. I am not totally sure but I think it's their club level, I didn't partake in any of the features, but I was also there on Monday night of Labor Day weekend and was told occupancy was pretty low. But never hurts to ask.
Thanks! We have paid for a partial DL view, I just love the layout of the room :)


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Nov 4, 2010
Sheraton Park is one of our go to hotels also. We've not had a bad stay there. It is not the Four Seasons and could definately use some improvements in common areas, but not enough that we've been bothered. I like the "resort" feel, interior corridors, spacious rooms, we have not had a bad meal at the hotel restaurant and it is really convenient at times, the pool area (and pool bar) is great, plus last December they allowed us a late check out at 2 p.m. (we were all sickly and our flight didn't leave until later) and I really appreciated that. We don't mind the walk and like the proximity to convenience stores, dining, etc. We are going again this December, but are opting for BW Stovall's to hopefully avoid the security gridlock that sometimes occurs on the Harbor side, especially since we know it will be quite busy when we are there. But, I do have mixed feelings and wonder if we are making the right choice because I do really like the Park Sheraton. We have also stayed at BWPPI and it was perfectly adequate, the location can't be beat, but I don't like the pool area at all, it's just a pool ... no ambiance whatsover--that does it for me, so we won't stay there again.
If you want to avoid the Harbor gridlock it's super easy to head to the DtD side from the Sheraton Park too. Take the first left and head up towards the convention center then turn right on Disney Way and you're there. It's almost the same distance as the walk on Harbor but so much quieter.


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