The Rose Gold Rat Pack Reunites! A July 2018 PTR (Updated 12/13)

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  1. coloredimage

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    Jul 22, 2009
    Hello, hello!

    So, as some of you may remember, (maybe?) I did actually have a PTR going for this, but I abandoned it due to lack of interest (100% on my part) because I just wasn’t able to get myself in the mood for writing it. I hadn’t added any pictures, or information, just thrown information out into the void in a panic-stricken attempt to make my brain function properly. So I’ve decided to scrap it and start over. Sound like a plan?

    Okay? Okay! Let me please (re)introduce myself then. For those of you who have never read one of my Trip Reports or (shockingly lacking) PTRs before, I’m Elle!


    I’m a 7th grade English teacher who was born and raised in Central Massachusetts (with a little bit of southwestern Connecticut, southwestern Ireland, and East Midland thrown in for variety). I also teach Drama after school, and when I’m not at work I’m generally at my local theatre, somehow involved in one of their productions. I love Disney and have been going every year since I was 11. I love Magic Kingdom and Epcot most, but Star Tours will always be one of my favorite rides.

    So, why am I doing this PTR? Well, this trip is going to be my 30th birthday trip. I mean, my birthday is next month, so our July 8-14 2018 trip to WDW and Universal is a bit far away from that. But….it was the best time to do it. I even promised I’d wear a birthday button! I was on the Dis last time I went for my (23rd!) birthday/New Year’s, but I didn’t write up a Trip Report about it. Let’s just say….the surprise birthday dinner actually had a “please don’t sing happy birthday to her” addendum. I don’t love being the center of attention.

    Anyway, we made the decision back in July that we were going to go on this trip, and it has spiraled into something awesome and completely overwhelming and of course I’m the one planning it, because let’s be real, if I weren’t the one planning this I would still be micromanaging everything. There are seven (7!) of us going on this trip, coming from at least 3 different places/leaving at different times, so it’s actually kind of awesome to try and figure out. But I’m insane and this kind of stuff is what I live for. I should have been an event planer or something. Maybe I’ll quit teaching and do that lol.

    So, I guess I’ll just have to introduce who else is coming? I guess the best place to start is with those faces familiar to you guys who have read any of my Trip Reports in the past. First up, Liz!


    Liz and I have known each other since we were in elementary school. She and I do practically everything together. The guest room in my parents’ house is called “Liz’s Room” and she got to pick the new paint color. She will (hopefully) be one of my two roommates once my house is finished being remodeled. She is a former parks CM and worked for Disney for six years before moving back up north to get a new job. I have spent five of my trips to Florida meeting up with her, so she’s been a frequent pop in to many of my TRs over here. We also recently went to Disneyland together, (that TR is over here). She loves Beauty and the Beast and is the worst Disney influence ever (which is why we get along so well). Liz will be 27 when we go.

    Next up is Jen!

    Jen and I have known each other since we were sixteen and have been close ever since. I consider her more a sister than anything else. She used to come to Connecticut and visit me on weekends when we were in college, we lived together for two years before job locations made our apartment a less than ideal location for either of us, and we have gone to Disney seven times together since graduating high school. She and Liz are my oldest friends and thankfully we all three are super close. Like Liz she is also a former CM. She’ll be 30 this trip as well (her birthday is a couple weeks after mine) so we’ll be celebrating her too – which is why I’m more okay with the attention, because I’m forcing her to share it with me.

    Third up, Jenny!

    Jenny is a familiar face to anyone who’s been keeping up with my DLR TR over on the other side of the boards. She is Jen’s DGF and an amazing artist. Liz and I met her when she joined us in Disneyland for the weekend back in August and even with all of Jen’s panic we all clicked perfectly. She’s never been to WDW before and is super excited. She’ll be 29 by the time we go.

    Now, for the three people who have never been introduced in a PTR or TR before. I have to go hunt down non-Disney pictures for them, gasp!

    Kristen is next!

    Kristen is one of my best friends, who I met about six years ago. She is the sweetest person you’ll ever meet, absolutely lovely. She hasn’t been to Disney since she was in high school, so this is really her first real trip, and she has fallen head-first into my and Liz’s planning insanity (which is impressive, because Liz and I tried to plan our CASUAL vacation to Disneyland this summer). She has only met Jen once, at our friend’s wedding, but is excited to get to know her. She’ll be almost-25 on our trip (she’s a baby).

    Sadie is our final female companion!

    Sadie is ACTUALLY the baby of the trip. She’ll be 17 when we go. I’ve known her mother forever, and I’ve known her since she was a little kid, and I promised her that next time I went to WDW she could come with me. Since her mother knows the majority of us going, and trusts us, she allowed Sadie to come with us on the trip. I treat her like my baby sister – seriously, once Kyle and I took her out to brunch to have the make good choices conversation with her.

    Speaking of Kyle…

    Kyle is the only guy on our trip. It was his idea that we should even do this epic trip, though I do feel badly for him. I have known him for nearly ten years, but we’ve only become friends in the past year. He is Liz’s DBF, and plays the part of overprotective big brother to Sadie. He LOVES food. He’ll still be 28 on our trip.

    So, where are we shoving this insane group of “adults”? We’ve reserved a Lion King suite and a Little Mermaid room, though I may still upgrade us to an 8 person room somewhere else.

    Welcome to the insanity! I promise there will be charts, there will probably be memes, and let’s be real, this insanity certainly calls for a copious amount of gifs!
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    Jul 22, 2009
    So the first, and technically the last, thing that is going to be difficult is corralling seven people. At least we’re not all flying together?

    Actually, that’s the one thing that worries me, so now I need a plan.

    So, here is what Departure Day is going to look like for us, as far as we’ve figured it out…

    Liz & Kyle:

    - Liz and Kyle are actually leaving on July 6. Since both of them used to live in Florida, they are going to spend the two days leading up to the rest of us arriving visiting friends/family and will probably rent a car for that time. I have floated the idea that they drop the rental car off at the airport and take the Magical Express but if they don’t do that they’ll have to Uber it to the hotel.

    Jenny & Jen:

    - I have NO IDEA what they’re doing. I mean, Jen’s not really a planner, and it’s a little difficult to try and figure out at the moment. Since the 8th is a Sunday, neither Jen nor Jenny should have to work. So, depending on flight and money, one of two things will happen. Either, Jenny will fly to Boston, stay with Jen, then fly to MCO. However, they may just meet at MCO. One or both may or may not end up on the same flight as us.

    Kristen, Sadie, & Me:

    - Our plan is to take the earliest flight out of BOS on the 8th, probably the 6 AM flight, so we can be in Florida mid-morning. Since I’m the one that’s planning everything and will have all the information, we figured it was best if I was there first. If we have a room yet (doubtful) we’ll go drop stuff off. If not we’ll probably go to Disney Springs or a park to meet up with everyone else.

    Except this is what I'm HOPING will happen, so clearly this is going to change sixteen billion times in the next few months, right?
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  4. coloredimage

    coloredimage DIS Veteran

    Jul 22, 2009
    I'm interrupting my own regularly scheduled leave of absence from the Dis. I was trying to stay away until the 22nd at least, because with Christmas Carol ending, Big River beginning, Christmas, 3 parties, and 3 birthdays to buy for (1 was last week, 1 is tomorrow, 1 is New Year's) (no, none of the parties are birthday parties - Yankee Swap/White Elephant, Secret Santa exchange, then New Year's Eve (which I am making my birthday party as well so people don't have to actually do anything for me)) AND seven days left of work before vacation, I've been basically running around like a chicken with its head cut off since December started.

    I mean, I took Friday off, but that's because I have a follow-up on my knee (I gave myself a patella contusion and it seems to be healing fine, but it still hurts like heck whenever I put pressure on it to kneel or something) and then I'm spending the rest of the day getting ready for my birthday #2, so I won't really have time to come on, though I'm hoping I'll have some time to update my Disneyland TR.

    I promise I'll catch up on all PTRs, TRs, and my own TRs between the 22nd and the 2nd, because I have that time off!


    None of that is important, or why I'm here.

    I'm here because I got these beauties in the mail on Friday.


    Except I didn't find them until Monday morning.

    For anyone who has read any of my PTRs or TRs in the past few years, you may remember bits and pieces of The Saga that is the house. My parents are restoring an 18th century farmhouse, so we've all been living together. Yaaaaaaay.


    Well, they're finally starting to move, but it means that the house is in chaos, so I didn't find my MagicBands until I literally tripped over the box as I left for work Monday.

    Also, why do I have MagicBands so early anyway? And why do they look like that?

    Since I got the Holiday Magic package (which saved me a little bit of money) this is how my MagicBands came. I think they're pretty awesome. Sadie's isn't in this group, because we booked hers differently, and I'm slightly sad she won't have one like this, but oh well.

    Also, I made a skeleton plan for how every day's gonna go. (Liz helped me; remember when it was just me and my insanity, because she lived there and didn't have a stake in it? Yeah, look what happened, don't you guys miss that now!)

    Here's my basic outline:


    • Flight to MCO/meet up at hotel
    • Suggested Park: Magic Kingdom
      • Disney Springs to kill time while waiting for everyone to get to Orlando
    • Suggested ADR: Be Our Guest dinner


    • Suggested Park: Hollywood Studios (AM)
    • Suggested ADR: ???


    • Suggested Park: Epcot (AM)
    • Suggested ADR: Kona breakfast
      • We'll more likely than not be snacking as we walk through World Showcase so having a larger breakfast is not a bad plan


    • Suggested Park: Universal/Islands of Adventure
    • Suggested ADR: Leaky Cauldron (clearly not an actual ADR, just suggested place to eat)


    • Suggested Park: Magic Kingdom
    • Suggested ADR: Skipper's Canteen (late lunch/early dinner)


    • Suggested Park: Animal Kingdom (AM), Date Night (PM)*
      • "Date Night" is going to be a definitely split up night.
    • Suggested ADRs:
      • For lunch, we're going to preorder our meals at Sat'uli
      • Jen & Jenny are thinking of doing Cinderella's Royal Table for dinner
      • Liz and Kyle are thinking of doing Citrico's for dinner
      • Kristen, Sadie, and I will probably go to Tutto Italia for dinner


    • Suggested Park: Magic Kingdom
    • Suggested ADR: N/A

  5. shannie102

    shannie102 Mouseketeer

    Jan 6, 2016
    Plans look good so far! Love adding a day at universal in, but honestly my husband and I liked the 3 broomsticks better than Leaky Cauldron. Like the idea of a date night in there, good way to keep everyone happy.
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  6. coloredimage

    coloredimage DIS Veteran

    Jul 22, 2009
    So I disappeared for a month, sorry all! December was absolutely, horribly busy - I finished one show with my local community theatre, began another, I celebrated 3 different people's birthday, my birthday was last week, my family hosted 2 parties, I hosted a third...there was more but I'm exhausted just remembering this!

    In non-Disney news, my college friends and I have finally made decisions on where we're going for our annual vacation, so once again July is going to be a month of me traveling and spending way too much time at the beach.

    Nothing much has progressed in terms of doing things for my trip...except that yesterday was my 180th day which means ADRs!


    This trip we haven't loaded up on ADRs (...yet...) so here's the bare bones that we've figured out so far/what I made reservations for:

    July 8:
    - ADR: Be Our Guest 4:30.
    This one concerns me a little, only because I don't know Jen and Jenny's plan yet for when they're getting to Florida (and I realize that they won't be able to tell me until it's closer to time because of work/flights/whether or not Jenny's coming east before heading down to Florida). If this turns out to be a time we can't all do, I'll end up changing it probably.

    July 9:
    - N/A

    July 10:
    - N/A

    July 11:
    - N/A (Universal Day)

    July 12:
    - ADR: Skipper's Canteen 2:00

    July 13:
    - ADR: Cinderella's Royal Table 5:55 (Jen & Jenny)
    - ADR: Citrico's 6:15 (Liz & Kyle)
    - ADR: Tutto Italia 6:30 (me, Kristen, & Sadie)
    This is "date night" so we figured ourselves out and split up. I also paid for Jen and Jenny to go to Cinderella's Royal Table as their joint birthday presents.

    I'm thinking of trying for an ADR at Edison's once they're available on Monday, just to see if I can get one.
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  7. KJeff90

    KJeff90 Earning My Ears

    Apr 1, 2011
    Your trip plans so far seem amazing! I'm taking on the daunting task of planning a trip with a larger party as well, and it's been pretty daunting for myself, but still fun! I'm looking forward to following along in your updates and stealing all of your potentially great ideas for our trip that's following yours, shortly after.

    I like your idea of a "date night" for the trip. We have a couple of couples tagging along on our trip, and I think that it would be nice to give them a break away from the large group.

    I'm excited to see what other awesomeness you guys have planned, and I share your excitement for a summer trip to Walt Disney World.
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  8. coloredimage

    coloredimage DIS Veteran

    Jul 22, 2009
    Thanks for following along! "Date night" is definitely our way of planning time away from each other, to just relax without having to worry about the whole group, which I like! Especially because I didn't want people to feel obligated to stay all together all the time.
  9. coloredimage

    coloredimage DIS Veteran

    Jul 22, 2009
    Happy weekend! Anyone else have a long weekend this weekend? I've had one the past three weeks in a row (end of the holidays --> snow days --> holiday weekend) and I'm still excited to have the time off this weekend.

    Yesterday I had meetings all day at work, so in the time between them I spent quite a bit of time looking at flights and figuring out that part of the planning.

    One nice thing is that we are not all going down together. I mean, I wouldn't have minded if we all were traveling together, but coordinating the schedule of 3 people to get to the airport is a lot easier than scheduling 7 people, y'know? But I'm going down with Kristen and Sadie, and it was easy coordinating with them as our schedules are fairly similar.

    Anyone who was around for my October trip might notice a similarity between this plan and that one - except this one will hopefully not also involve barely making it to the airport in time.

    Saturday, July 07:
    - Take the 5 PM flight out of the local small airport
    - Arrive in Florida by 8-ish
    - ME to Art of Animation

    You may notice something - that we're leaving July 07 not the 8th. That is because it was so much cheaper to leave the 7th. We'll be staying in a Little Mermaid room (which ended up being a cheaper option than staying at the Hyatt, which was my first choice) and since it's just a room only reservation the plan is, once we get to the room and drop our stuff, we'll head to Disney Springs for dinner and some walking around and relaxing. The next morning we'll drop our bags off to be held for the day (as I'm guessing our room for the week won't be ready yet) and then when we come back we'll go to our suites!

    This sounds like way more work than it needs to be, but in all honesty it came out to being cheaper than any other options. The flights out of Boston were at least $100 more per person. And the local airport is just so convenient. It's about 20 minutes away from my house. We'll just have to have someone either drive us or pick up my car, since it's cheaper to fly back into Boston when we come home. But the price of parking for a week at my local airport is the same price as parking for a day in Boston, so if I have to have someone drive me back to the airport once I'm home to get my car it's not a huge deal.

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