Best Hollywood homes tour?


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Oct 23, 2013
Hi. My niece is planning a trip to Disneyland, with 1 day in LA, and I am helping her plan.
But the one thing I know nothing about is the Hollywood Homes tours. Which tour is the best? Which one would you recommend?
..... do you actually drive by movie star homes? or is it just fake?



Apr 12, 2018
I did the Starline tour a couple of times yeeeeaaaaarrrrrsssss ago and really enjoyed it, but I've always been obsessed with celebrities. This might sound bad, but my friend and I actually used the homes tour for research and went back to some of the places later, often, over the course of many LA visits. We saw Leonardo DiCaprio driving on the street where the tour said his house was, so that at least was legit.


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Feb 11, 2009
Not sure if your trip has already occurred, but we just visited last weekend. We didn't do a homes tour, but I think Starline is a good suggestion. They seem to be the largest tour operator, and they have multiple different tours you can choose from. You can also purchase a package that has hop on hop off access. We did this with Big Bus Tours and it was very convenient for us to go from Hollywood to Beverly Hills to the Grove/Farmer's Market, all while having the sights pointed out to us and hearing some background information. Big Bus does not offer a homes tour, however.

The other tour that I believe goes by celebrity homes is the TMZ tour, in addition to other celebrity hangouts.


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