Do cast members still use the constant "princess" label?


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Dec 28, 2011
That's the odd part. Such a simple question has morphed into so many assumptions.

Honestly, it doesn't matter to me or to them. They choose how to react to whatever happens in a positive manner, it doesn't change who they are. My child is a strong and independent part of society, busy with volunteering and helping others. They are becoming an advocate, an ally, a safe ear for those who do not come from a supportive culture.

May I would your child wish to be addressed on any given day?


May 15, 2019
As a CM, I sometimes don't see buttons or can't read what's on them quick enough, so I think the button idea is not that great. I only use the term princess if a girl is dressed up in a princess dress but other than that, do not use any gender labels. We had a child come to pin trade with hair down to the middle of their back and dressed in more feminine clothes. The other CM said "there you go princess" and he replied, "I'm a boy" That's why I don't use any gender specific terms...better to be safe than sorry! Goes along with asking a women when they are due? LOL! Never ask that!! I think CM's are just trying to be friendly and mean no harm if they incorrectly identify a person.

Sara Conkle

Earning My Ears
Apr 10, 2019
Lisa, I promise you that anyone who is gender fluid or trans has learned that "life lesson" already, like every second of every day. Trying to minimize the discomfort during a vacation is not having a bad attitude or mindset. Your comments come off as dismissive and even a lil rude.


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