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Dec 7, 2017
It has been be a while since I posted. I have been planning on getting back on in the next week or two, since last August.

Since then I have been lurking and following trip reports, tales of homelessness and new homes, Dis Meets with lost and found puzzle pieces, and foolish mortal adventures, and all kinds of other adventures and misadventures, but not posting.

I last posted last August when DW and I took a trip to Disney for our anniversary and stayed at the Fort for the First time in our new RV. While we were there I started doing a trip report in the August Trip Report Thread, but did not finish it. I promise I intended to finish it when I got back, but one thing after another kept causing me to put it off. I was slowing falling behind on everything. I decided not to post or be active at all (only lurk) until I got caught up on everything and could do write up about last year’s trips and all that was going on. I basically grounded myself from posting until I do all the things I need to do.:guilty:

Well I’ve come to conclusion I will never do all the things I need to do because for every item on my to-do list I complete at least one more gets added. So now I am OFFICIALLY un-grounding myself. pixiedust: Also I need to be un-grounded so that I can post about our anniversary trip this August. Maybe this time I do this year’s August trip on time.

Anyway, here are the updates for lives and times of HimAndHer818 August 2018 to now. (Don't worry I'm not gong to put it all in one long post.)

First off is August 2018 trip …

While I’m not going to do a full trip report for August, I do have a few highlights.

On our last day, while at Epcot, DW decided she wanted this flying Buzz Lightyear toy she saw a kid playing with the night before at HS. No problem, we can just take the boat over to HS and pick one up, right?

Well, while on the boat to HS a storm rolled in, and we spent about 2 hours stuck at the Swan and Dolphin waiting for the storm to pass. We had a deck of cards with us to keep us from being board and once the storm passed we got to HS, got the toy, and got back the Epcot without further issues. Now the Swan and Dolphin is beautiful, but quiet. I don’t mean peacefully quiet, I mean creepy quiet. We are used to the Fort, and All-Stars, and for a peaceful trip, Port Orleans Riverside. We were glad when the boat started running again. :boat:

As we were leaving Epcot that night, DW decided to play with the toy while we waited for the mass exodus from the park to slow down to a trickle. It wasn’t long before it hit a chair causing one of the propellers to fly off. We tried to find it, and even enlisted the help of a cast member, but there was no sign of it (it’s probably in the lagoon). The cast member that helped up was able to find out the toy was also available at MK in the shop for the Space Ranger Spin. She also helped us set up being able to return the one with the missing propeller at the Fort front desk.

We did stop by Guest Services as we left Epcot to give them the name of the cast member that helped us, and tell them how helpful she was.

So the next morning while the DW packed up I rope dropped MK (the only rope drop of the trip) to get a new toy, and we stopped by the front desk on our way out to return the broken one.

This trip was the first time I had towed the trailer more that about 60 miles, so we took two days to get to the Fort on our way there. Since the trip down was not near as difficult as I feared, we decided that on the way home we would try it in a single day. It was a bit long (9-10 hours), but no issues.

Other highlights, I did get a couple of new hats while there, one is a brimmed hat with a mesh crown. I also got a Fort magnet for the RV fridge, a Fort keychain for the RV Keys, and Fort pin to put on the new hat.
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Now that we were home I planned to finish my trip report. That was the plan anyway, other things kinda got in the way.

cruising spud

Oct 12, 2007
Thanks for posting about last August's trip.
Question-while you were on the boat to HS and the storm came up, did the boat just quickly dock at the first available dock/hotel and you were told to get off until the storm was over?


Dec 7, 2017
They stopped and waited at the next resort on the route. We could have stayed on the boat, and did for a little bit, but it was August in FL in a closed boat with an AC unit just like the one in our RV. It was cooler standing under the walkway between the Swan and Dolphin. We also waited inside where it was nice and cool, and after a while getting board and going back outside under the walkway.


Dec 7, 2017
Ok now to explain the next few parts, I have to go into a bit of back ground.

I am a contract software engineer, and my current contract is about 75 miles, on the other side of Atlanta, from where I live. I found a campground that allows long term stays about 15 miles from the client’s site, so I was staying in the RV Monday night to Thursday night, and then going home on the weekends. DW stayed at home during week with the dog (Sebastian) and our adult DS2 that was still at home (saving to buy a house). DW and Sebastian would come and stay with me in the RV sometimes.

That being said, I now continue my story. As often happens when you take a week off work, you start the next Monday a week behind, because all the work from the week you were gone is still waiting. :crazy:

Also as it seems to happen when you get back from Disney, you get sick. I spent the next two weeks fighting off something and a week after I started getting sick the DW and DS got sick as well. All this made it harder to catch up on work, so delayed me getting back to the DIS. :sick:

The DW and I were also cementing our plans for the Food and Wine festival in October and the family trip to Fort Wilderness in December (scheduled before I had even bought any type of camper or RV).:mickeyjum

Just as everyone was starting to get better and work was getting caught up, DW and the dog joined me for a week at the end of September. I started thinking about finishing the trip report and putting pictures together. During that week I noticed the dog drinking a lot of water and urinating a lot. I took him to the vet that weekend and he was diagnosed with diabetes.

October became busy with trips to the vet for glucose checks to get Sebastian’s insulin dosage level adjusted resulting in few missed days of work, making it harder to stay caught up. Also, DS2 decided he was ready to buy himself a house and began searching, with me going along on the weekends since I could not go during the week. This was the point I stopped thinking about the trip report, and any posts about the upcoming Food and Wine trip. I figured I’ll do that when we get back from the Food and Wine.

That was the plan anyway, other things kinda got in the way.


Dec 7, 2017
Ok, so I had to take a break again. But here goes another chapter.

Here is our Food and Wine report.

DW and I usually plan our Food and Wine trip around the concert and do either a Thu-Sun, or Sat-Tue weekend. This year we decided to do Starship so we went Oct 27th to Oct 30th and since it was such a short trip we decided to stay at AS Movies instead of Fort Wilderness.

The AS resorts are a special place us. When the kid were younger and we would go Disney most of time we stayed at an AS resort. There are a lot memories as we walk through the giant settings, and pass the Food Courts. This time we were in the Dalmatians section. DS2 and the dog stayed home. We missed having Sebastian with us, and I guess we missed the kids too.


The 27th was a travel day, 28th was from Future World to U.S. via England and then the concert. The 29th was Future World to U.S. via Mexico and close out the park. The 30th was the ride home. All of this went smoothly, ate lots of good food, and sampled some good beverages. DW favorite is still the spanakopita from Greece. Mine is still anything from Australia.

While we there we stopped at Best Friends for a tour to see if this would be option if we decided to bring Sebastian with us in December. Best Friends is very nice and we made a reservation for 3 days during our December trip. Yes, we got him a villa with the TV and a camera so we could see him. The main thing was it was big and roomy. He is a 115lb Lab/Husky mix. We also learned of the YoPup doggie yogurt. Made a point of asking the Vet about getting that for Sebastian when we came back in December.

Also while we were gone DS2 made an offer on a 2BR townhouse 5 miles from where he worked. He set his closing date at the end of November, a week before the December trip.

Also I noticed a lot of F and W combinations here: Fort Wilderness, Future World, Food and Wine. I decided to spell them all out.

Now that that trip was out of the way, and DS2 had picked out his house I write up my trip reports.

That was the plan anyway.


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