Is DVC worth it for us Brits?


Mar 4, 2002
I am very seriously looking at DVC and was wondering if you could offer some help.

I was going to look at it when I visit in December but the BCV do look good if not I might look at BWV on the resale mkt. Is it worthwhile for a Brit to do?

Can you let me know your experiences.

Many thanks



There's always something new to learn!
Feb 10, 2000
Hi Jane :)
Is DVC worth it for us Brits?
Let's just say "I sincerely hope so!"

I only joined last year, so I'm still learning every day about the ins and outs of DVC, but we've just added-on another 25 points so I guess that goes to prove we're either very happy with our initial purchase, or we've got more money than sense. It isn't the latter, so it must be that we're happy!

I do think British DVCers have a different approach to using their ownership that the US owners, which is why we have this board separate from the US DVC board. The Brits mostly use their points allocation for longer, less frequent trips than the Americans who may be able to fit in several shorter trips per year. However, with the flexibility of banking and borrowing points, this seems to work equally well for both scenarios.

As for the BCV - I don't think they're in danger of selling out yet (I hope I'm right there - they've only been on sale for a month!), but there are several posters here who have successfully bought through the resale market, so I'm sure you'd get something one way or the other.

If you have any specific questions about DVc ownership, ask away and we'll do our best to help :)


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Sep 6, 1999
Hi Jane, each case needs to be judged on it's own merits, but a reasonable rule of thumb is , would you visit Disney once every two years. If the answer to that question is a yes, then IMHO DVC needs further investigation. Here are a few more questions you need to look at

Do you prefer to stay on site ?
Would you still take holidays to Disney without children ( when they are grown)
Are you prepared/able to commit a pretty hefty amount to pay for future vacations? ( because the difference in having the money available and whatever your loan rate is will make a big difference to the cost effectiveness of this option)
Is staying in accommodation of a better than average quality important to you?

If you make yes to all those as well then you're really on your way.

I would be vary wary of advising Brits to use DVC as their only accommodation option as , IMHO, it's a pretty expensive one unless you're pretty sparing with it. If you're looking to use DVC points for a three week stay on a regular basis, thats A LOT of cash to come up with, BUT to use it as a "high light" for a holiday it does, IMHO really finish a holiday off in stlye. While I'm sure other people have other ideas that work for them, I found that 2 DVC stays of 5 days each for a 3 week holiday is just the right amount of luxury, without breaking the bank and still allowing me enough time off site to take in all the things there are to do in the rest of Orlando.

Please feel free to ask away with your questions as I'm sure you'll get plenty of help/advice on how to make it work best for you.


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Mar 8, 2002
Well we think it is worth it. We bought a resale in Jan 98 and have had 4 great holidays with it so far, including a 3 day cruise. We even managed to take friends on holiday with us last time and they are desperate to buy. We didn't buy it with a view to exchange out , we just love Disney and don't want to holiday anywhere else, at the moment! We wouldn't be able to afford the Disney prices for the resorts, and would have to stay off site. We have got 380 points and that allows us plenty of scope to book different kinds of holidays. We are staying in the BCV's in October. We are then going to miss a year to save points for a 7 day cruise in 04. :)


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