Official 'how to get from point A to point B while at WDW' thread.


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Jun 13, 2001
Would it be better to just drive to beach club and then drive to HS?? Trying to factor in parking and security time also ???
All transportation at DHS is outside the perimeter, so no matter what, you'll only go thru bag check once, when you enter DHS.

I really don't know whether or not driving would save any time over just parking at DHS. Boat from DHS to YC/BC is about 15 minutes, plus whatever time you have to wait for the boat. BW is about 5 minutes more.

Skyliner from Epcot IG to DHS is usually about 20 minutes, and you should be able to board immediately at that time of day. It's less than a 5-minute walk to the IG Skyliner station from either BW or BC.

Google says the drive from BC to DHS is 12 minutes, plus the time to walk in or take the tram.

I don't know what the midday parking situation is at BC.


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Jul 6, 2004
What time do park to park buses start running? I'm planning on hitting the Disney Studios early one morning and then heading over to the Magic Kingdom.


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