Are any DVC owners also Disney owners?


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Aug 28, 2004
I was told back in the early 90's to buy what you use. Well ,we have always loved going to Disneyworld so I bought some, couple hundred shares, watched it grow and then split and then dive but I remembered the story I was told about Walt Disney giving it to his Housekeeper on her Birthday and Christmas. At first, because he couldn't afford to give her a gift. later on because it was a good investment. Walt told her to not sell it and one day it would be worth a lot of money. Well when she retired she was a millionaire. So when Disney was opening Parks all over Europe and Aisa and they didn't take off right away I remembered that story and I figured I'd hang on. Eisner was Quoted as saying when asked about Disney's down spiral, " Let the Mouse be the Mouse". When Disney hit $15.00 I bought some more. The parks in Flordia were full and I just felt the rest would catch back up. now I wish I had bought more and if it ever falls again I will buy again. My one regret is that we have just became DVC owners. I still for the life of me don't know why it took us so long to make that decision. :tink: :tink: :tink:


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Oct 16, 2005
I was given 10 shares as a high school graduation gift back in 1992 and they split 3 for 1 in the late 90's. So in total I'm now up to 31.? due to the dividend reinvestment plan.

The money may have a better use someplace other than Disney stock, but I don't think I could sell it.


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May 27, 2002
After our 1st trip to WDW in late '99, I purchased 100 shares. I was very impressed by what I saw! Now I own a little over 200 shares. So we owned stock before becoming DVCers in late '01.
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    Jan 2, 2004
    My husband and I bought some with a self-directed IRA that he had when he was at the bank. This was several years back before they split. My father-in-law owns some also. I think he thought it would be something nice to leave his kids and grandkids. Not sure how much we own, I leave that to the DH.


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    May 9, 2003
    I bought about a year ago. It's up since then, especially since the recent revelation of increased ABC revenue.

    Looks like lots of Disney owners here. Guess that shouldn't be a surprise.


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    Mar 18, 2004
    I do. I worked as a waitress right out of high school and instead of taking my week paid vacation I took the $$ and bought my first 5 shares of Disney stock with it. I think I own a total of 12-13 now.

    DS owns one share of Disney that he got for his first xmas and 2 shares of Pixar. One of the pixar shares is from one share so we won't exchange it for a Disney share but the other one we will.

    It has been stagnant at best for several years, it actually hit $114 when I was in 11th grade back in 93/94 and split shortly after. Hasnt' done a whole lot sense. But its more sentimental than anything to me.


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    May 11, 2006
    We've got shares for both of our kids. Disney is a great example of how you can be very successful if you have a dream and follow it! Besides, profits are up this past quarter, mainly due to the theme parks!


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    Jun 14, 2005
    Only if you count my framed one share my family gave me for my 40th b-day!


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    May 23, 2004
    Yes and yes. DH bought DS stock for his first birthday - we figured he didn't care about anything in particular that year so how about something wonderful like Disney stocks?


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    Jun 15, 2002
    Yes! Purchased in the early 90's. Held it through many splits. That's how we bought into DVC -- in spite of the cashing in to purchase DVC we still have more shares than we started with. We exchanged one Disney investment for another. Now we will have even more since we also bought Pixar right after Toy Story came out.


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