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Sep 6, 2006

I don't scrap book like most, but I do try to keep vacations and events organized. However, I could use some suggestions or tips on keeping things in some kind of order. I think there are better ways to do things than I currently do them. Here is how I organize now:

First, I have a daily journal in MS Word that covers most big events in our lives, and every day of any trips or vacations, so that is used as a reference.
Then I have a scarp book where all movie, theater and concert tickets are stored chronologically.
I also have several three ring binders with normal photo book pages for flat paper items, and different types of pocket inserts for holding thicker items such as KTTW cards, pins, magnets, or any special items we save from vacations. They are all in chronological order. The problem is with some items that are too large to fit inside a binder, or cumbersome items such as magic bands.
I have a separate box with all our Disney and other theme park maps. But I'm wishing I'd put the park maps in the 3 ring binders with the rest of the stuff, but I had such a collection from times we went before we had kids and started keeping track of everything, so I wanted them all in one place.

It bothers me that most things are in chronological order, but some things are not. And that if we go to a movie while on vacation, do I put those movie tickets in the separate scrap book for that, or with the vacation book?

How do you do it? Do you have a book for each trip? And what do you do with the bigger cumbersome items? Am I overthinking this?


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